Remitbee's response to India and Sri Lanka's COVID-19 Crisis

By Remitbee - May 18, 2021

COVID-19 crisis has broken the hearts of people worldwide. In recent times, the second wave of the pandemic has devastated families and put hospitals under strain. In a time like this, it’s important for companies to do their best to help.

Here’s how Remitbee, one of Canada’s fastest-growing startup's money transfer platforms, responded.

We donated to six charities chosen from a survey of current Remitbee customers to help Indians and Sri Lankans through this tough time. They are providing food, oxygen tanks and medical aid to those in need. These are the 7 charitable organizations that were chosen by our customers.

Eshaanyakm - Sri Lanka

Eshaanyakm is not for profit in Sri Lanka that helps people gain access to food, education and other services. Currently, they are raising money to provide daily wage workers with food and medical supplies. Remitbee has donated 2000$ to help feed 200 daily wage workers for one week.

Goonj, Delhi

Goonj is a non-governmental organization based in New Delhi that provides disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and community development in sections of 23 Indian states. Goonj focuses on clothing as a fundamental yet unmet need. Anshu Gupta founded this NGO in 1999.

Goonj not only gives clothing but helps communities develop. People use the clothes as an encouragement to build bridges, dig wells, rebuild roads, and engage in other community-building activities. Goonj was recognized in the Canadian media as one of the top charities to help with donations. Remitbee donated 29,900 INR to help their important work in this troubling time.

Feeding from Far

Feeding from Far is an effort that has fed the poor and unemployed who have been unable to feed themselves due to lockdown. Due to being unemployed for an extended period during the pandemic, many Indians are struggling to feed themselves.

The charity is especially known for its work in the slums around Mumbai. After the first lockdown in India, it provided over 10 lakh meals to the poor through cooked meals and ration kits. The ration kits given include things like rice, chana dhal, oil, and turmeric powder. As the COVID-19 crisis gets more intense, more people are in need. That’s why Remitbee has donated 29,800 INR to this charity to assist in feeding the hungry and poor.

Khalsa Aid International

Khalsa Aid is an international non-governmental organization that seeks to provide humanitarian assistance in crisis and civil war zones around the world. The organization is founded on the Sikh philosophy of "recognizing the entire human race as one." Despite coming from one religion, Khalsa Aid helps people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Among other actions, it has stepped in to provide free oxygen concentrators to virus patients in need around Delhi. They have not slowed down since, and are committed to providing 5,000 more. Remitbee donated $500 CAD to this charitable organization.

Khaana Chayiye

Khaane Chayiye is a grassroots organization created to help feed those in Mumbai without access to food during the COVID19 pandemic. Created in March of 2020 with a pilot of 1200 meals, Khaane Chaye has now fed over 4.6 million people and has a team of over 200 volunteers. Remitbee has donated 500$ to help them continue their efforts.

Kisse Kahaniyaan

Kisse Kahaaaniyan is a Delhi-based organization that is currently focused on helping those across India get access to food, medical supplies and assisting with community-based fundraisers and bridging the digital divide. They are especially focused on specially- abled families. Remitbee has donated 500$ CAD to Kisse Kahaaniyan.

Mazdoor Kitchen

Mazdoor Kitchen is an initiative run by volunteer citizens working to provide meals and supplies to daily wage workers in North Delhi. Remitbee has donated 400$ USD towards this initiative.

Remitbee Cares

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