RemitBee Launches the Financial Empowerment Fund to Support Fintech Startups

By Remitbee - Dec 21, 2021

Fintech company, RemitBee, invests in like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs to execute their mission of financial empowerment for everyone.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA, 12,21 2021. RemitBee, an online money transfer and currency exchange platform, is pleased to announce the launch of its Financial Empowerment Fund. To start this initiative, the company will invest in businesses and entrepreneurs in the pre-seed to seed rounds.

The Financial Empowerment Fund will support underprivileged entrepreneurs and fintech startups that share the same mission of providing financial empowerment for everyone. Insufficient access to resources, financial exclusivity and lack of cloud-based infrastructure are all major issues that RemitBee hopes to improve with this investment fund.

“RemitBee's mission cannot be achieved alone. This is why we want to invest in like-minded businesses that share the same passion as us. We meet innovative entrepreneurs who can really benefit from more capital and guidance which is exactly what the Financial Empowerment Fund is for” states RemitBee CEO and Co-Founder, Yogi Yoganathan.

RemitBee recently made an inaugural investment in an online lifestyle-based finance platform, Moneta, which makes capital more accessible to individuals in Sri Lanka and the South East Asia region. RemitBee wants more companies like Moneta to benefit from the Financial Empowerment Fund.

About RemitBee

Founded in 2015, RemitBee is an international money transfer and currency exchange service based in Ontario, Canada. The company offers a competitive and reliable way for immigrants in Canada to send money to their family and friends back home. In 2019, RemitBee was recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in Toronto. For more information about the Financial Empowerment Fund, visit [our page](venture capital) or contact [email protected]

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