Remitbee Launches Remittance Service to Kenya

By Remitbee - Aug 26, 2021

Hujambo! We are constantly working to expand our global reach for online money transfer services, and we’ve recently added Kenya to the list of countries that you can remit money. You can now use Remitbee to get some of the most competitive CAD to Kenyan shilling (KES) exchange rates and send money quickly and securely to your loved ones. What’s more, transfers of $500 and over are free.

Kenyan Culture

Kenya is an Eastern African country of 48.5 million that sits directly on the equator. Among the names given to this state are “the cradle of humankind” due to the fossils found here that show man’s earliest ancestors. Human tools from the year 3.3 million B.C. indicate that this was the place that humanity originated. In more recent times, the country was a protectorate of Britain, and then a crown colony. Kenya officially became an independent country in 1963.

The country is ethnically diverse, which means there’s a vibrant culture but also some conflict among groups. The Swahili people are a significant part of Kenya’s development and Swahili, or Kiswahili as it is called, is the second official language alongside English. Swahili people came from the mixture of Bantu and Arab peoples. Arab influence can be seen, for example, in the henna designs done on women’s hands and feet in Kenya. The foundation of the economy for these peoples was trading and fishing, and their geographical location made this a natural choice for them.

Swahilis are also strong craftsmen. Among the things they make are the Swahili mat or mkeka and other products from palm leaves. Traditional Swahili cloths, called kanga, are colorful pieces of fabric with sayings printed on them. The text on these cloths passed on messages, which were sometimes social, sometimes religious, and sometimes political. Women in particular use them to give personal messages to their loved ones.

[Indians in Kenya were recognized as the 44th official tribe] ( but their story has not been told much in the history of the country. Indians began to move to Kenya during the time that Britain ruled India. In fact, they were instrumental in Kenya’s fight for independence. Some Indians provided skilled labour, and others started businesses in various industries such as manufacturing and retail. The community has enjoyed economic success in Kenya and is tightly knit, retaining many of its customs and religion.

Kenyan Canadians

The total number of Kenya immigrants in Canada as of 2016 was 27,150. The majority of immigrants from Kenya live in the province of Ontario, and most of those reside in Toronto (11,305). There are also some in other smaller communities around Canada. After this, the largest numbers of Kenya immigrants live in the provinces of Alberta (5,120) and British Columbia (4,705) respectively. Many Kenyans in Canada still maintain ties with their home country. For Kenyans in Canada looking to exchange CAD for Kenyan shilling (KES) Remitbee can help. We offer high security, low and transparent fees, and a good exchange rate on Canadian Dollars to Kenyan shilling (KES). Our transfers also go directly to Kenyan bank accounts.

Partner Banks in Kenya

The Kenyan banking sector is overseen by the Central Bank of Kenya, or Banki Kuu ya Kenya. It was formed to maintain price stability and issue currency. There are around 41 major banks and seven foreign banks in the Kenyan banking market. The top five banks in Kenya are KCB, Equity Bank, Standard Chartered, Barclays Bank (Absa) and Cooperative Bank Kenya. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has the largest network of branches in the country and is the largest bank overall. Although in its current form it has only operated since 2015, it had a previous history as National & Grindlays Bank which originated from the Indian National Bank of India. Nairobi-based Equity Bank is also relatively recent having been founded in 2014.

It also has subsidiaries in other surrounding countries, including Uganda. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya is a subsidiary of the international Standard Chartered Bank. The bank has 39 branches throughout the country. Barclays Bank is seen as a solid bank in Kenya and has been operating since 1916. It has received a number of awards. These include Best Bank in Retail Banking and Best Bank Africa. It is a subsidiary of the British Barclays Bank. Cooperative Bank Kenya or CBA is the largest privately-owned bank in Kenya. It is a 100 percent African bank, having been formed in 1962 in Tanzania. It later expanded to Uganda and Kenya.

Sending money to Kenya for a low fee at a great exchange rate is what Remitbee is all about. We offer easy CAD to Kenyan shilling (KES) transfers. Your money will be sent quickly and in a secure manner directly into a Kenyan account.

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