Ramadan Ottawa 2022

By Remitbee - Mar 13, 2022

“Ramadan Kareem!” We hope that you “have a generous Ramadan” this 2022 as you celebrate this important religious holiday in Ottawa and other parts of the world. This 2022, Muslims worldwide will observe Ramadan from April 2 to May 2.

For people who practise the Islam faith, Ramadan—the night month of the Islamic calendar—is the holiest month and one of the Five Pillars of Islam that adult Muslim men and women observe. During this month-long holiday, Muslims fast, do good work, read and recite the Qu’ran, pray, meditate, spend time with family, and strengthen their relationship with Allah. All these things are done to celebrate the mercy and love of Allah.

Ramadan and Fasting

One of the known activities that Muslims do during Ramadan is fasting. All adult Muslims with the exemption of young children, elderly, pregnant, menstruating, sick, nursing women, and those who travel are expected to fast.

Muslims abstain from eating any food (including chewing gum) and drinking any liquids from dawn to sunset. They also refrain from smoking and sexual activities, and at times, even taking medication is avoided.

Aside from food, Muslims also abstain from feeling and thinking negative thoughts during Ramadan. They do their best not to get mad, be jealous, or complain during this month. They also limit their leisure activities, such as watching television, playing games, and listening to music. Instead, more time and attention are given to other worthwhile activities that will strengthen their relationship with Allah, such as prayer, introspection, and reading the Qu’ran.

Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? The answer is quite simple. It allows them to remember their dependence on Allah, who provides for their needs. A life devoid of any connection with God is deemed devoid of purpose and worth.

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A Typical Day During the Ramadan

During Ramadan, here’s a typical day in the life of Muslims:

  1. Wake up before dawn to eat (Suhoor)

  2. Do the morning prayer

  3. Fast during the daylight (prayers)

  4. Breaking fast (Iftar)

  5. Do the evening prayer

  6. Do the special prayer during Ramadan (Taraweeh)

Muslims wake up early to eat before sunrise and perform the morning prayer during Ramadan. Then, they go back to bed to get more sleep then wake up to start their day.

In Muslim countries, work and school hours are often reduced to help people do charity work, prayer, meditation, and reading the Qu’ran. However, for Muslims who will celebrate Ramadan in Ottawa 2022 and other non-Muslim countries, work and school activities are still done though they are fasting.

During sunset, a snack or iftar is served to break the fast. Then they go to the mosque to perform the evening prayer and then recite another special Ramadan prayer. Afterwards, they would share a large meal with family and friends.

Most of the time, the food shared during these large meals is prepared by hosts. If you want to save your energy or do other things, you can always eat out or order takeout in one of the restaurants in Ottawa that serve halal food perfect for Ramadan. These restaurants include Fairouz, Greek to Go, Silk Road Kabob House, Les Grillades, Ariana Kabab House, Salang Kabob House, and Khokha Eatery.

How to Show Good Deed During the Ramadan?

There are different ways you can do charity work during Ramadan. For one, you can join any charity events hosted by the Muslim communities in Ottawa, including the Ottawa Muslim Association, Islam Care Centre, and the United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau

While Muslims keep their homes clean at all times, during Ramadan, which signifies purity of mind and soul, they do extra work to keep their homes clean and tidy. During this time, Muslims also declutter. So aside from joining charity events, one way you can do charity work is by decluttering your home and giving the things you don’t use or need that are still presentable and functional to those whom you think can benefit from it.

If you have a knack for cooking, if you are hosting iftar in your home, perhaps you could share some of the food you prepared with those who are in need as well. Aside from giving material help, you can also do good to others during Ramadan by providing practical support, such as offering your services and time to others who might be in need.

Of course, showing generosity during Ramadan is not limited to those you can help face to face. One way to show charity to the people that matter to you is by sending them financial aid. Even if you are in Ottawa celebrating Ramadan this 2022, you can still remit money around the world with RemitBee.

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