Ramadan in Edmonton 2022

By Remitbee - Mar 5, 2022

Ramadan is carried out during the 9nth month of the Muslim Calendar. While it mainly consists of prayer, fasting, and worshiping, they also consider it a sacred time where compassion and temper are most important. It's like getting closer to Allah.

Whether you're a Muslim checking on Ramadan timings, or someone of another belief preparing our Muslim brothers' memorable holiday, it's important to know when Ramadan 2022 is in Canada.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most memorable day for our brothers and sisters in the Islam community. It's a month all Muslims devote to praying, fasting, and reflection – basically, a soul-enriching activity. It may give a lot of hunger and sleep deprivation, but it's more than that for them. Being able to control themselves and their natural urges gives them a hold over their actions and help them become a better, more disciplined person.

Ramadan, however, is a bit different in Canada, especially in the northern parts. Muslims here may need to abstain for up to 19 to 20 hours. It may be shocking for those in the Islam centers like the Middle East, as fasting only takes 14 to 16 hours.

While they may be great at self-control, Moslems know how to reward and celebrate themselves. Eid al-Fitr is the end of Ramadan, and during its first three days, Muslims celebrate the Shawwal Festival.

Ramadan is based on Muslims' lunar calendar, so praying and fasting timings may vary from one country or area to another. The length of the day is different in each part of the world – not to mention the weather and climate – so our brother Muslims may often need a heads up on the time frame. Thus, the Muslim community provides standardized timings every year, although that's not strictly followed.

While some are set to fast for eleven hours, others may avoid drinking and eating sixteen hours or more. Here's a quick guide on the schedules of Ramadan in Edmonton, where fasting is known to be extra challenging.

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When is Ramadan 2022?

Prayer time in Edmonton will begin on 2nd April this year and end on 2nd May. Breakfast starts at around 4 AM; then the fasting begins after that. Noontime prayers are around 12 PM to 4 PM. Iftar starts at 7 PM.

In cold countries like Canada, the weather is one of the most common varying factors for Ramadan. So most Muslims here do extra preparations and adjustments for fasting times. Canada's April weather forecast says temperatures may drop from 7 to -1 degrees Celsius. Expect that it will also be rainy and snowy in the first month of Ramadan, with 8 hours of sun time. It will be better in May, but don't expect favourable weather with temperatures ranging from 6 to 16 degrees Celsius. The daytime is approximately 10 hours or more, so expect a little longer fasting time.

Because of this, some Muslims opt to follow other city's time frames, like Saudi Arabia's, to keep up with work and obligations as Muslims. Although timings aren't tentative, Muslims are expected to follow the basic concept of fasting from sunrise to sundown.

Ramadan in Edmonton, Canada

Canada has a relatively small Muslim population, which adds to the challenge of adjusting its timetable. Nonetheless, the Eid al-Fitr Edmonton-style celebration has always been as notable as the local Ramadan.

The festival will begin on 2nd May and will end the day after. Usually, they gather on the last day of Ramadan at a major mosque nearby and celebrate through prayers, greetings, and special foods. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is also known to host Iftar dinners during the last day of Ramadan. They invite non-Muslim people to join them in fasting, a practice that's commonly dubbed as "fast with a Muslim friend." The last day of Ramadan is a fun-filled experience for Muslims and the people around them.

Aside from Ramadan, Muslims in Edmonton also host other special events like Islam Awareness Week to correct misconceptions about Islam and deliver messages to the modern community. There's also the Mosquers Film Festival that showcases the talents of Muslims in Edmonton. This year, it's scheduled to take place on 12th March. Like Islam Awareness Week, it also aims to debunk the common prejudices about Muslims.

Meanwhile, the hajjor pilgrimage will happen on the 7th and 12th of July this year, so expect that several of your Muslim friends in Edmonton will schedule a work break to travel to Mecca. Last year, the pandemic restricted people from this, so it's expected that several Muslim Canadians will be more excited to attend this year. Before, this was the Eid ul-Adha on 10th July, a day of sharing, praying, and reuniting with the Muslim community.

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