Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Canada

By Remitbee - Feb 22, 2021

In total, there are around 300,000 people who immigrate and begin working in Canada each year. Immigration has a lot of pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s exciting to move to a new country and see beautiful new places. Also, depending on where you move to, you may have more career and earning opportunities open to you than you did in your home country. On the other hand, emigrating usually means leaving your friends, family and everything familiar behind and starting over somewhere unfamiliar in a culture that you may have a hard time understanding or fitting into.

Despite the difficulties, we believe that moving to Canada is worth the personal cost. Remitbee is founded and staffed almost entirely by emigrants who have all gone through what you’re potentially going through or are going to go through. While the adjustment period is difficult, you’ll start to find there are more and more days where you appreciate the immense natural beauty, the friendly open culture and the camaraderie in the Canadian workplace as time passes. Let’s dive into some of the most significant pros and cons of Canadian immigration.

Pro: Canadian Healthcare System

Canadian healthcare is universal, decentralized and publicly funded. Each of the 13 territories and provinces have their own individual insurance plan and receive assistance from the federal government. Instead of paying for your individual plan from your employer or having to pay exorbitant fees when you need a procedure, Canadians pay higher taxes in general and receive care when they need it. It is widely considered to be one of the best systems in the world, and Canadian citizens and migrants tend to be very happy with their care.

Con: High Cost of Living

There is a high cost of living for almost all of the large Canadian cities that you are likely looking at for immigration. If you are looking for city of Toronto jobs, you can expect to pay over 1,000 CAD in rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and you have to factor in parking, utilities and travel costs as well. It is definitely doable, but there is definitely a higher living price tag associated with Canada jobs than some other countries. Luckily, most jobs pay livable wages, which even leave some money left over for you to send home to your loved ones. Remitbee offers fee-free, affordable transfers through our online service to help keep you connected.

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Pro: Canada is Multicultural

With over 300,000 immigrants entering Canada each year, the country is becoming consistently more diverse and multicultural. In fact, 21.9% of the population of Canada are foreign-born immigrants, which amounts to more than 7.5 million people. In general, the culture is progressive and accepting of other cultures and customs, and you are almost sure to find a warm reception in your workplace and among your neighbours. While culture shock is unavoidable, immigrants tend to be able to find their niche more easily in Canada than in some other places.

Con: Language Difficulties

Unless you are moving between countries that speak the same language, immigration means having to deal with a language barrier. It is difficult to live and work in Canada if you are not fluent in English and possibly French, depending on where you live. There are free programs that are available for newcomers to take to help learn English and French once you arrive, however, so you are not completely on your own in trying to bridge the gap.

Pro: The Great Outdoors

From the crystalline glacial lakes in Banff to the massive waterfalls of Niagara, Canada is known for having an abundance of beautiful nature. It is the second-largest country in the world by mass, but only number 39 in terms of population size, which means there is tons of space and nature hasn’t been taken over by civilization. Once you obtain a work permit for Canada and enter the country, you can freely travel through all 13 states and territories to explore the natural wonders. It is a genuinely beautiful place all year round and has a little bit for everyone. You can snow tag in la Mauricie, Quebec, in early spring, go kayaking in Lake Louise in the summer, explore the Valley of 1,000 Devils in Saskatchewan and see dinosaur fossils in the Fall, and spot icebergs from St. John’s Newfoundland in the winter.

Con: Immigration limitations

If only immigration was as easy as picking the country that you want to move to! Unfortunately, the process of applying for an immigrant visa and work permit and receiving one can be complicated and lengthy. The country limits the number of immigrants it accepts each year and in many cases, you have to have a job offer to even begin the application. Many companies prefer to hire Canadian citizens also because the process is so much easier and they are already located in Canada. The process can be daunting but it is definitely not impossible, as evidenced by the 300,000 immigrants each year that move to the country. Just focus on handling the process one step at a time.

In Conclusion

Canada is an amazing country full of beauty and opportunity. The quality of life here is high and there are tons of activities to do outdoors and beautiful cities throughout. The country is technologically advanced enough that through social media, video chatting and other more targeted apps like Remitbee, you and your family and friends can stay closely connected. We here at Remitbee understand the need to send money home and support your loved ones back in your country of origin. Beyond wanting to help you remit funds, we want to be able to facilitate quick, reliable connections. Our service is easy to use and can be free if you use Remitbee Wallet and transfer funds over a certain amount. While you may need a few months to a year to fully adjust to living in Canada, we are confident that you will love it here as much as we do.

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