Press Release: Remitbee helps families during the pandemic with expansion to 16+ new countries

By Remitbee - Aug 24, 2021

Remitbee announces a new way to send money online to loved ones in new markets and a debut in Africa .

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, August 24, 2021 — Remitbee announces expansion to 20+ more countries across the world. This will help customers who have family and friends in countries that, until now, have had limited and costly remittance options.

This expansion comes as a result of their success in helping expatriates in Canada send money transfers to India (CAD to INR), the Philippines (CAD to PHP), and many other countries.

Here’s a list of the added countries by continent:


Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Uganda, Tanzania, Cote d Ivoire, Nigeria


Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, Vietnam


Romania, Russia

Remitbee is a leading Canadian money transfer company and has a rich history of helping its customers, who are mostly immigrants from low to middle-income countries, have cost-effective ways to send money back to their country of origin. With Remitbee - all transfers over $500 are free and anything under has a flat fee of $2.99

Since the pandemic, there has been a greater demand for digital money transfer companies as opposed to traditional in-person remittance services as social distancing rules have been introduced globally. Remitbee has recognized this increased dependency on their services and has been working hard behind the scenes to help their customers amid the pandemic, first by reducing fees and now with this expansion announcement.

Remitbee says they have a clear vision of their role and how important it is to provide their customers with competitive international money transfer options during this time. According to the World Bank, more competition and the introduction of digital financial services is crucial to lowering remittance fees in many of the markets Remitbee has joined. This is especially essential for Sub-Saharan Africa, where remittance fees remain the largest globally and lowering fees could increase the disposable income of millions of families.

Here’s what Remitbee’s Vice president has to say regarding this announcement:

“At the moment, we’re focused on just bringing our customer access to new markets and the new corridors enable our customers to help the hundreds of families and friends in those regions through remittances while we fight this global pandemic together.” - Manos, Remitbee Vice President

Remitbee has earned its reputation by successfully serving various markets, most notably the Asian market (e.g., India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka). However, this announcement marks a big milestone as they enter African for the first time. Remitbee is the proudest of the timing since COVID-19 has slowed down the remittance market’s growth, which remains the main form of income for many families in low-income regions.

Effective immediately, you can now send a money transfer online to any of these countries and more through Remitbee’s money transfer app on your iPhone or Android. Alternatively, you can send a money transfer by clicking here.

New users can enjoy 15$ towards their first transfer with coupon code: SEND15

*About Remitbee: Remitbee is an international money transfer service based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2015, it's offered a competitive and reliable way to help immigrants in Canada send money to their family and friends back home. In 2019, they were recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in Toronto. Stay up-to-date with Remitbee through their blog or follow them through Twitter*.

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