Learn English for Free in Saskatchewan!

By Remitbee - Jun 23, 2022

With almost 11,000 new immigrants in Saskatchewan in 2021, this province is a promising place filled with potential for foreigners. No wonder many people come here for a good life, which Canada is known for.

However, learning their language is an expected price before grabbing those opportunities. In Saskatchewan, almost 95% of the population speaks English, so knowing how to speak the language fluently is a must.

Fortunately, Saskatchewan province offers an opportunity for newcomers to learn English for free!

Saskatchewan's Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

The Language Instruction for Newcomers program offers newcomers a chance to keep up with the language barrier in a foreign land. Also known as LINC, the program is open to different provinces in Canada.

In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association administers the program. The Saskatchewan Intercultural Association operates in 6 territories. Nevertheless, you may opt to take the courses in a different institution in Saskatchewan.

LINC is available for newcomers with a Language Benchmark level between 1 to 8. Therefore, all interested applicants are required to take a language test.

What's great about LINC in the province is that they offer a free parking space, and you can also take your child—if you have one—in the free child minding service, which may be different depending on your chosen institution. With that, it's best to check on various schools to ensure they meet your needs.

Who is eligible for free English classes in Saskatchewan

The program might be tempting, but there are certain limitations on who can be granted free English courses in Saskatchewan, including the age limit (18 years or older), a Canadian language assessment result between levels 1-8, and Canadian residents who are either:

Permanent Residents of Canada

Protected Person/Convention Refugees selected by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

If you're one of those, you may proceed to follow the steps for registering for a LINC program offered by various institutions across Saskatchewan.

If you've met all the criteria except the English Language result required, don't lose hope as you may take the English for Academic Purposes course in any adult school in the province. This, however, may come with fees.

How to sign up for a free English course in Saskatchewan

The steps in registering for the LINC program may vary from institution to institution. Here are some of the basics you may expect about the process:

STEP 1: Visit a language test center to know your Language Benchmark level. Depending on the result, you may be able to proceed to your desired language school or consider finishing a special course first to meet the required English skills,

If you've already taken the test, you may already skip this step. For more information about the language test in Saskatchewan, refer to the language assessment center below.

Language Assessment and Referral Centre Address: 201-336 5th Ave. North, Saskatoon Contact: 306-651-5272 Website: https://larcsasketchawan.org

STEP 2: Wait for the result. The classes depend on your language test result. They may also recommend some perfect institutions for your needs and schedule.

In SIA Main Office, the classes are mostly on Saturday, although there are a few on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are late morning, afternoon, and early night classes. Meanwhile, the Saskatoon Evangelical Free Church offers a child minding service, but the classes are on weekdays, from morning to noon.

Other institutions such as the Forest Grove Community Church, Wildwood Mennonite Church, and Bridge Ministry International Full Gospel Church let you choose between more flexible schedules and the free child minding service.

You may also contact other universities and organizations in the province, such as the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, LINC Homestudy, the University of Saskatchewan, and many others.

STEP 3: Contact your chosen institution and follow their instruction on signing up for the classes recommended to you.

Inclusions and coverage of LINC Saskatchewan

The LINC program in Saskatchewan equips students with English speaking, listening, reading, and writing fluency. Aside from that, it also prepares newcomers to adjust to Canadian work, life, and culture to help them thrive in their chosen field.

Depending on your English language assessment result, your school may offer you classes between CLB 1 to 8. LINC lets you improve English communication through conversation circles, language tutoring, online sessions, and written exercises/examinations.

Aside from the English classes, there's also child care and career strategy service to help you during and after your courses. Upon finishing the LINC, you will be awarded an English certificate, which you can present to work applications.

What to expect in LINC Saskatchewan

The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada is offered in various adult schools, language centers, and public/private universities in Canada. Regardless of your chosen institution, no fees are required to enroll in any class under the LINC. The program is a fully public-funded project in Canada.

Aside from the free English classes, LINC also comes with Care for Newcomer Children (CNC), which offers immigrants with children to take their kids to school without disturbing their classes.

You may also visit SIA to help you decide what school best suits your needs. Depending on the school, you may opt to take night and weekend classes. Depending on the school and your location in Saskatchewan, you may also choose to take the courses online, in-person, or blended learning.

Some universities also offer a LINC Student Career Strategist, which will help you get a job opportunity that fits your skills. With a LINC Student Career Strategist, setting your career goals and making resumes/cover letters will be easier. They will also refer you to different partner companies, thereby widening your range of opportunities.

Where to take free English classes in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Intercultural Association has been committed to running the program for newcomers in the province. But aside from SIA offices, you may also get in touch with various schools and organizations, including:

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic (available in Saskatoon and Regina)
  • LINC Home Study Canada
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • Regina Open Door Society
  • Saskatoon Open Door Society
  • Cumberland College

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