Thinking of using Xoom for a money transfer to Pakistan?

How to Use Xoom to Transfer Money to Pakistan

Xoom Corporation, also known simply as Xoom, is a PayPal Service that provides electronic funds transfers and remittances to consumers in the United States and Canada. Users have the ability to send money to 131 different countries, pay bills, and reload mobile phones, all through the same service.

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If you’re interested in using Xoom as a money transfer service, read on! We’ll be breaking down the process step-by-step, with our example destination being Pakistan.

Step 1

Xoom makes it easy to use their service if you already have PayPal credentials, but if you don’t you can also create a Xoom account, starting with your name and email address.

Note: Making a Xoom account means making a PayPal account, so unfortunately if you’re just trying to use the money transfer service without the greater PayPal service, it’ll be impossible.

Step 2

Enter the amount you’d like to transfer.

Keep in mind that some remittance services have fixed fees proportional to how much you want to send, while others have fee-free zones if you want to transfer a certain amount and above. Xoom’s fee-free service starts after 1,000 CAD through their PayPal or Bank Account payment options, but not for Debit or Credit card paying. Remitbee, as another example, provides a fee-free money transfer to Pakistan for 500$ CAD and above.

Step 3

Let Xoom know who you’re sending your money to and how they’ll be receiving it. Options for transfer destinations include depositing your money into a bank account or having specified a cash pickup in Pakistan.

Step 4

Payment time. Pay for your transfer by adding your PayPal, bank account, credit card, or debit card information. Like we mentioned earlier, you should be aware that different payment options come with different charges.

With the minimum transfer amount of 13 CAD with Xoom, there’s a 4.99 CAD fee across the board for payment options. With Remitbee is 2.99 CAD. That’s a deal.

How Long Will It Take to Send a Transfer with Xoom?

Good question. With the power of PayPal, Xoom works quickly. A transfer to Pakistan would typically arrive in minutes for cash-pickup or certain bank transfers. For other banks, it could take a day, so long as the transfer is made between Monday to Friday, before 4:30 PM PKT. (Remitbee offers transfers to Pakistan in seconds)

What’s Remitbee?

Remitbee is an online money transfer and currency exchange company that offers great rates and extremely low fees for transfers to Pakistan and numerous other destinations around the globe. What’s more, we have the best interests of our users at heart. That means no hidden fees, no trumped-up charges, and world-class customer support.

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