How To Use The Remitbee App To Transfer Money From Canada To The Philippines

How To Use The Remitbee App To Transfer Money From Canada To The Philippines

When it comes to sorting your finances, family always comes first. But which family?

Is it possible to honour your family in your home country with regular money transfers without wasting away the quality time you want to spend with your immediate family?

Here at Remitbee Online Money Transfer, we’ve developed a super simple app that can send money to the Philippines online in just a few taps, so you can get back to what really matters to you.

Step 1 – How can I send money to the Philippines?

The best money transfer to the Philippines (and anywhere else, for that matter) is online. It’s the fastest way to send money quickly.

To be more specific, the Remitbee app is the best way.

Not convinced? Here are a few facts you should know.

• You can send money for FREE if you’re sending over $500 and choose the My Wallet payment method.

• It’s super-fast – money arrives in your recipients account in just an hour or two.

• It’s very convenient. You can use the app from anywhere!

• And finally, it’s safe and secure. We use Microsoft Azure and 256-bit SSL encryption.

Step 2 – Setting up with Remitbee

We won’t lie to you, it is going to take a teeny tiny bit of time to set up the app.

Start by downloading the app and filling in your details.

We take security very seriously, so put on your serious face and get ready to prove your identity to us. It won’t take very long and only needs to be done once!

After that’s sorted, you can send money instantly whenever and wherever you are by logging in online or using the app on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Step 3 – Check the rates

Next step is to check the rates from CAD to PHP. You can do this on our app by swiping left or checking out our website. These exchange rates are live and always up to date.

You then have a variety of payment options to choose from. Fees start at just $2.99 and are always fixed. They’re not going to spiral upwards like percentage fees.

Money can be sent to any BDO or Land Bank branch in the Philippines.

Step 4 – Enjoy the best money transfer to the Philippines

Tap in the details of your recipients, give your family a quick call to let them know you’re transferring the money, and then… the best bit!

Just tap send and the money will be sent in a flash.

You can keep track of your money transfers via the app or by logging in online. It can take up to 2 hours for the money to arrive, so be patient. Worried?

Don’t be. We have a 100% money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong. If your transfer somehow gets lost, we will refund you the entire amount. That’s a promise.

Step 5 – Money to Philippines online complete!

Job is done. Now you can get back to playing with your kids, helping your partner in the kitchen, another cricket match in the park and all those other quality times you love.

You’re welcome.

Download the Remitbee app at Apple App Store or Android Play Store to get started on your money transfer to the Philippines.

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