How To Use The Remitbee App To Transfer Money From Canada To India?

Of all the ways and methods you could use to send money to India, a mobile app is often your best choice.

You need to send money quickly, safely and at the best CAD to INR rate? An app can do all of that! It’s easier for you and it’s easier for your family in India. They’re the reason you’re doing this, and they’re the reason we’ve built our app to be one of the best way to transfer money to India in the market.

Forget snail mail and don’t even think about email transfers. If you don’t check out the competitive rates, fast processing times, and easy-to-use layout of the Remitbee app, you might never realize how much money you’re wasting each month.

You’re truly missing out.

Why the Remitbee App is So Good

Okay, so we may be a little biased… but just look at the facts!

  • Easy to download and set up an account.
  • Transactions processed in as little as a few hours.
  • FREE transfers over $500 using the My Wallet transfer.
  • Instant quotes and up-to-date exchange rates are always visible.
  • Encrypted payment security and transaction tracking.

Transfer money to India using any of our transfer methods for FREE or a small fee. You’ll find our rates are extremely competitive!

Did you know some remit services charge as much as 20% for sending just $100? Our fees start at $2.99 and are always fixed and easy to find via the app and our website. Put down the calculator! No more tricky percentage sums to work out.

It also gives you freedom.

You can send your money pretty much anywhere in India. We work with over 130,000 bank branches across the country and have the fastest electronic bank deposits (IMPS & NEFT) in India!

How to Use Remitbee to Transfer Money from Canada to India

We built our app to be simple and straightforward, just download it from the Apple or Google Play store and get started. Here’s how to use the Remitbee app to transfer money from Canada to India. A few steps anyone can follow!

  1. Download from the Google Play or Apple App Store;
  2. Sign up and verify your account;
  3. Check out the fantastic rates to transfer money to India;
  4. Add the details of your recipient;
  5. Choose a payment method;
  6. Send money to India!

Not to brag, but we do have a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store and thousands of happy customers already. But there’s always room for one more!

We think this review from Rrajudeen really sums it up:

Parents asked me to send some money to family back home so I tried the app. Pros: got it done in 30 seconds without even getting out of bed. Cons: Trying to explain to your elderly parents how you magically did it in 30 seconds without even getting out of bed.

Supporting your family back home shouldn’t put a strain on your own life with heavy fees and complicated transfers. After all, it’s 2018. Sending money internationally shouldn’t be a hardship.

Don’t miss out on our competitive exchange rates and superb customer support (we’re always here to fix any problems) when you can easily enjoy Remitbee’s services online or via our app.

Our app is currently FREE in both the [Apple App Store or Google Play Store – download it right now!

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