How to Send Money abroad with Remitbee Using Cash

By Remitbee - Dec 22, 2020

We all know that cash is king! To make life easier for you, Remitbee offers a cash payment option so that you can send money abroad with cash.

Funding your account through Cash Payment AKA Bill Payment allows you to pay for your transfers with physical cash at your bank or ATM. It’s a fast and free option to fund your remitbee account! This option is also open to those who would prefer to pay digitally via their mobile banking app.

Note: Currently bill payment is only available to people who have bank accounts with BMO, Tangerine, Meridian, RBC, Scotiabank

Get Started

Step 1: Add Remitbee as a payee

Before you pay with cash through bill payment you need to set Remitbee up as a payee. This only needs to be done the first time you use bill payment.

To set it up at the bank you will need the name of the payee (Remitbee) and your account number. Your account number is your remitbee Wallet ID number. You can find your Remitbee Wallet number by logging in and clicking “ My Wallet”. Once you have this information ready you can visit the bank!

Step 2: Visit the bank or ATM

Once you are ready to send your transfer, bring your cash to your bank! Let the teller know that you would like to pay a bill to Remitbee and provide them with your account number and the amount you’d like to pay, then deposit the cash.

Step 3. Wait for confirmation.

When you pay with Bill payment, it takes 1 business day for your remitbee wallet to receive your funds. You will receive an email when your money is ready to be remitted.

Step 4. After your wallet is funded you can choose your recipient and send your transfer!

Here is a video tutorial

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