How to Renew Your Nigerian Passport from Canada

By Remitbee - Oct 6, 2021

In search of greener pastures, Nigerians continuously seek migration opportunities in Canada. The 2019 data showed that Nigeria takes the fourth spot of leading immigrants in Canada with a number of 12,595 Nigerians obtaining permanent residence in Canada, almost a 2,000 increase from 2018.

If you are one of the many Nigerian passport holders who are in Canada whose passport is nearing expiration, here is a compilation of simple and helpful ways you can renew your Nigerian Passport from Canada to avoid breaking any rules. These steps are based on the outlined procedures of the Nigeria High Commission Ottawa.

6 Steps in Renewing Your Nigerian Passport from Canada

1. Fill out necessary online forms.

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Services passport renewal portal. Select the passport type from the drop-down box. Under the processing country, select Canada. Take note of the anti-fraud measures they implement for paying the processing fee using credit cards. Afterwards, click Start Application. Then select either a Google, OpenID, or Yahoo e-mail account.

Completely fill in the application form with the accurate details. For example, make sure that the name you will put in the application form is the same name that appears in your old passport.

You can choose between 32 or 64 pages for your renewed passport booklet. Remember that a Nigerian passport has a validity of 5 years.

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The following information is part of the online application:

  • Important Information

  • General Information

  • Permanent Address in Nigeria

  • Contact Information

  • Personal Features

  • Kin Address

Passport Processing Country, State and Office

If you are applying for Nigerian Passport renewal from Canada as a family, remember that each family member will need to be given an appointment. You will not be recognized as one unit.

2. Select your preferred payment method.

Renewing a Nigerian passport from Canada costs 50 CAD. Remember that some credit card declined credit card payments for online passport applications because the transaction is associated with Nigeria. To avoid this inconvenience, you may notify your credit card issuing institution before using your card for paying for your online passport renewal application.

For credit card payments, make sure that you use your own credit card when paying. Allow 20 minutes for the payment to register then proceed to the next step.

Another option is to use the “money order” payment option when paying for your renewal application. If you choose this option, follow the on-screen instructions for mailing the money order. Once received, you will get a confirmation email.

3. Print and sign the application form.

Once you’re done with accomplishing all the information required in the online form, submit and sign the application. Take with it two (2) passport size photographs once you go to the passport office for further processing. Take note of your Application ID and Reference Number.

It is also recommended to use 0.5 inch or 12.7mm margin on all sides of the page for best printing. If you don’t print this application, you will need to fill in a new application again.

Remember that all information is correct before you proceed to payment because you can no longer edit the form once payment is initiated.

  1. Wait for Payment Confirmation Email.

Once you receive the confirmation email, go to the welcome page of The Nigeria Immigration Service portal. In the application menu, click on the Query Your Application Payment Status Option then choose E-Passport. Enter your Application ID and Reference Number. Select the Search Record button. You will land on the Online Application Confirmation page.

  1. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to print the Payment Receipt and the Application Confirmation. Attach these printed forms in your expired passport.

  2. Schedule an appointment.

You may click here to schedule an appointment with the Nigeria High Commission Ottawa. Choose a date on the website’s calendar booking system. Note that your appointment time slot should be viewed as a guide only. The Chancery does not guarantee that you will be attended at the exact time you selected. However, if you visit between 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, you can be assured that you will be accommodated.

Due to the volume of people wanting to renew their passport, you may not be able to secure a date of your choice of the calendar booking system. If this happens, you may check the site periodically until you see an opening on an earlier date brought on by a cancellation.

On the other hand, if you cannot go to your scheduled appointment date, you may cancel your appointment so that the slot will be given to another applicant who may need it.

  1. Appear on your appointment date.

This is the address you should go to on your appointment date:

Nigerian High Commission Ottawa

295 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 1R9 Canada

During your appointment, bring with you your expired Nigerian passport, printed required documents, and express Canada post envelopes.

It may take around 72 hours to process your renewal after your biometric data has been captured. In some cases, it may take up to a month to renew a passport. You will be notified by text or email when you can visit the Chancery to collect your new passport.

Requirements Needed When Renewing Your Nigerian Passport in Canada:

  • Printed Passport Application Form

  • Printed Payment Slip

  • Printed Acknowledgement Slip

  • Original Expired Nigerian E-Passport

  • Photocopy of Bio data page of the E-Passport

  • Two (2) current passport-size pictures with white background.

General Reminders:

  1. You are not allowed to bring cellphones and bags into the Chancery.

  2. Only one parent can accompany a minor for the passport renewal process into the Chancery.

  3. The hours for passport renewal are from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. If you show at a later time, you won’t be allowed inside the building even if you have an appointment on that date.

  4. If your passport is still valid for more than six (6) months, you must give a reason for your renewal application.

  5. When going into the Chancery, make sure that you wear an appropriate face mask/covering. You will also be required to sanitize your hands and to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

May these tips and reminders help you in your passport renewal process. Should you have any questions, you may contact the Nigerian High Commission Ottawa on +1-613-236-0521-3

or [email protected]

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