How to Renew Colombian Passport in Canada

By Remitbee - Mar 21, 2022

2016 data revealed that over 70,000 Colombian immigrants resided in Canada and they are the second-largest Latin American immigrant group in Canada. Many are still Colombian Passport holders, and the need to renew is inevitable. With the information gathered from the Consulate of Colombia in Toronto, we’ve put together some detailed instructions to help you renew your passport with ease.

Steps to Renew your Colombian Passport from Canada

Step 1

Fill out the request electronically to expedite the process at the issuing office. Through this form, you will be able to register your data to speed up service times at the issuing office, as well as to facilitate communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of emergencies.

Step 2

Prepare the documents to be presented:

For Adults

a. Original citizenship card in valid format (yellow with holograms). When the applicant does not have a valid citizenship card, he or she may present the following documents, according to their case:

  • Password for the first time issued by the National Registry of Civil Status, which must have a photo and fingerprint, a simple copy of the civil birth registration issued by the Notary, Registrar or Consul.

  • Password issued by request for duplicate or renewal of the citizenship card issued by the National Registry of Civil Status, which must have a photo, fingerprint.

  • Password will not be accepted for request for rectification of citizenship card

b. Previous passport, if you have it. In case of loss or theft of the passport, the applicant will only have to inform the issuing office of said situation, under the gravity of an oath.

For Minors

a. Authentic copy of the civil registration of birth (true copy) of the minor issued by the Notary, Registrar or Consul, as the case may be.

b. Previous passport if you have processed it.

c. Citizenship card in valid format (yellow with holograms) of their companion (one of their parents or their legal representative).

d. Civil registration of death in case one of the minor’s parents has died.

e. Special power of attorney granted by the two parents to a third party, before a notary public or judge (if the minor is accompanied by a legal representative).

f. If the minor is between 7 and 17 years old, an authentic copy of the minor's birth certificate issued by the Notary, Registrar or Consul and original identity card or password must be presented.

g. If the accompanying parent was a minor at the time of the child's birth registration, they must additionally provide the Certificate of Identity Preparation issued by the National Registry of Civil Status where it is indicated that the Identity Card number they had When you registered your child, it corresponds to the same identification number that you currently have.

Step 3

Go to one of the passport offices in person to present the documents

Step 4

Take the photograph and register fingerprints and signature.

Step 5

Pay the fees. The payment must be made the same day that the payment reference is generated, otherwise, you must generate a new reference with the date on which the payment will be made. Here are the total cost for each type of passport:

  • Ordinary Passport (32 pages, 10 yrs validity) - USD 110
  • Executive Passport (48 pages, 10 yrs validity) - USD 179
  • Emergency Passport (8 pages, 7 months) - USD 116

You can make a payment by PSE if you still have an active account in Colombia, otherwise, you may also make a card payment. Or, you may check with the nearest consulate as well just to be sure.

Step 6

Wait for delivery. For those of legal age, their passport will be delivered to the address they specified. For minors, the passport will be delivered to the father, mother, or legal representative who carried out the procedure with the minor. Delivery time will depend on the mobility, international cargo transport and quarantine measures adopted by competent authorities inColombia and in the country of destination of the passports.

Location Details

Consulate General of Colombia in Ottawa, Canada Address: 1002-360 Albert Street, Ottawa - ON, K1R 7X7 Phone: +1-613-230-3760 / +1-613-230-3761 Email: [email protected]

Consulate General of Colombia in Montreal, Canada Address: 1010 Sherbrooke Oeste, Office 920 H3A2R7, Montreal, Canada Phone: +1-514-849-4852 / +1-514-849-2929 Email: [email protected]

Consulate General of Colombia in Toronto, Canada Address: 40 University Ave. Suite 604, M5J 1T1 Phone: +1-416-977-0098 / +1-416-977-0475 Email: [email protected]

Consulate of Colombia in Vancouver, Canada Address: 1090 West Georgia Street Suite 1340 Phone: +1-604-558-1775 Email: [email protected]

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