How to Renew Bangladeshi Passport in Canada

By Remitbee - Jan 4, 2022

Everyone needs valid papers to travel abroad, especially a passport. There are approximately 100,000 people of Bangladeshi origin in Canada, and many of them still have Bangladeshi passports.

Because passports have to be maintained, renewals must be made to keep them up to date. This article is for you if you're googling for a beginner-friendly guide on passport renewal while in Canada.

Based on information gathered from Bangladesh High Commission Ottawa, we've made the most accessible guide for Bangladesh passport renewal in Canada, so long as you are a Bangladeshi national.

5 Steps to Renew Your Bangladesh Passport from Canada

If you are a Bangladeshi citizen, you must have a valid Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) to travel outside the country. The Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa issues and re-issues MRP and will be doing that by following the procedure of the Government of Bangladesh.

If you already have your MRP and want to renew or make changes to your passport, you have two options. You may apply by sending your application through postal mail or in person.

Step 1: Book an appointment

If you want to submit your application in person, you must first schedule an appointment with the High Commission. For booking of appointment, you can do the following:

Email: [email protected] Call: +1(613) 236 0138

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Step 2: Fill out necessary forms and provide needed documents

Before proceeding to the next step to renew your passport, check out this form first to see whether you are eligible to renew your passport. If you are, do the following:

  • Fill out the DIP form 2 (renewal form
  • Provide your current original passport, along with a photocopy of it
  • Provide two self photographs printed in passport size

Things to remember If you have lost your current passport, you must include a cover letter indicating that you have lost it. The loss of your passport should be reported to your local police station so that they can give you a Case Number (which you will have to add to your cover letter along with the date).

The passport-size photos are not meant to change the one in your current passport. The High Commission will inform you to come to the office if your photo needs to be updated.

If personal details in your current passport need to be altered or changed, you have to provide legal papers to support the changes you would like to make. For example, if you need to change your marital status, attach a copy of your marriage or divorce papers.

Step 3: Pay the Bangladesh Passport Renewal Fee

These days, almost all transactions need payments, and the renewal of your Bangladesh passport is not an exception! You can pay through a bank or debit/credit card.

The regular service fee for your passport renewal is CAD 150 and will be processed in 8 weeks. For a quicker processing period, you may pay CAD 300, and it will be processed in just four weeks.

Remember that all fees prepared should be payable to "Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa." Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

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Step 4: Submit your application

Once the form is filled out and all other documents have been provided, you may already submit your application for passport renewal.

Twelve years old and above won't be required to personally come to the High Commission office for biometric data unless you want to change the photo on your passport.

If you choose to send your application by mail, make sure to include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope with a tracking number. The High Commission is not responsible for delivery delays or failures if the address provided is incorrect or incomplete.

Step 5: Receive your new Bangladesh passport

You can check your application status for passport renewal by visiting this site. Note that the High Commission will give your enrollment ID once they have read your application.

You can come to the High Commission in person with your existing Bangladesh Passport and delivery slip to receive the New MRP from the counter.

If you prefer it to be delivered by mail, use Canada Post's guaranteed, registered, or express mail services. Ordinary mail sometimes goes missing!

Location Details:

High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh Address: 350 Sparks Street, Suite # 1100 Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8, Canada Contact: +1-613-236-0138 / [email protected] Office Hours: Working days from Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm

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