How To Renew A Japanese Passport From Canada

By Remitbee - Mar 8, 2022

If you're a Japanese passport holder living in Canada, you might be wondering how to get your passport renewed for another year. It's worth noting that, because of the pandemic, the Embassy is restricting in-person visitors.

But if you need to visit the Embassy, contact them beforehand on the phone at +81 (0) 3 5412 6200, email [email protected] or contact Emergency Watch and Response Centre.

So, if in-person visits are limited, what must you do?

The Embassy requires that you send your citizenship applications and passport by courier or mail to the Embassy of Canada to Japan, Consular section, 7-3-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-8503.

If you have urgent requests for notary appointments, contact [email protected], but you need to know requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on Covid-19, you can visit the Government of Canada's official outbreak page. or Travel Advice and Advisories

This article will walk you through renewing your Japanese passport while in Canada. This information comes from the website of the Consulate General of Japan in Montreal.

The Process of and Requirements for Renewing Japanese Passport in Canada

Unless you're filling out a consent form for a non-Japanese guardian or parent, you must fill out all Japanese passport-related forms in Japanese. If you cannot do the task on your own, enlist the assistance of a relative or friend. If you can't find somebody to help you, you can also contact the embassy.

You can only apply for a new passport if your current passport expires within one year or less.

  1. Download the application form and fill it out Application Form(use black ink only).

  2. Newborn babies under the age of one year must have their passports.
  3. Any applicant under the age of 20 is only eligible for a 5-year passport.
  4. The application forms are also available at the Consular Affairs desk of the Consulate-General of Japan in Montreal.

  5. You’ll need your current passport even if it's expired.
  6. A current photo which has been taken within the last six months, check out other criteria for the passport photos,

-The photo quality must be on par with a professional photographer's ( school pictures are not recommended).

  • From head to chin, the size of your face should be between 3.2 cm and 3.6 cm, and your facial features should be visible.

  • Don't use sunglasses, masks, or caps, and make sure your face is facing front with a simple background and no shadows.

-Religious head coverings are the only ones that are permitted. Your face, however, should be visible from the top of your head to the bottom of your chin.

-The photo size should be 35 mm in width by 45 mm in height.

-If you use glasses, ensure your face is visible and no flash reflections.

  1. You are required to have One Family Registry (Koseki Tōhon( complete registry) or Koseki Shōhon (short version)), which should have been issued within the last six months. If there has been no change of name or abode, or if the present passport has not expired, a Family Registry is not required.)

  2. You must produce documentation of your legal status as a Canadian resident.

  3. You’ll need to show a valid foreign passport or birth certificate for dual citizens.

-If you are a Japanese citizen without a permanent residence status in Canada, you show work, study or visitors permit.

-PR card for permanent residents.

Only five working days are required for processing. The applicant must pick up the passport within six months after the application date.

Things to note:

Apart from the essential tasks involved in applying for a passport renewal, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to sign on the dotted line and inside the box on the front side of the application when you nominate someone to apply for you. Fill out the form on the bottom area at the back with your name written in Japanese. The embassy will request a form of identification from the designated person.
  • Those married to non-Japanese spouses and would like to add their spouse's names to their own must fill out a form. They will be required to provide a Koseki Tōhon or Koseki Shōhon (showing that the marriage has been reported and registered), which should have been issued before six months.

  • The above applies to those who request the addition of names for the first time. To verify the spelling of your spouse's name, you'll need an official document (marriage certificate, PR card).

  • Because the Japanese government has not yet implemented digital passport renewal, you will not renew your passport online if you are a Japanese citizen.

  • The embassy is open from 9:00 to 16:00. The embassy is closed on Sundays, Saturdays, and some Japanese and Canadian statutory public holidays.

-If you want to meet with any embassy employee, make an appointment in advance and present yourself at the reception window on the 4th floor. The embassy informs you that there are no parking spaces available and that smoking is not permitted on its premises.

-At the embassy, several security measures have been implemented.

-You'll have to go through a picture identification process as a tourist.

-Expect to go through security screenings such as having your things x-rayed and walking through a metal detector. Even though visitors have been restricted because of the pandemic, you should still take some precautions such as social distance, sanitizing, and wearing a mask.

-The passport book and card will set you around $160 to renew a Japanese passport. Passport services must be paid in Canadian dollars, and if possible, all passport services should be paid online. When paying in Japanese yen (by postal money order only), you may need to call the consular division to get the precise amount.

We hope the article has been of great help as you renew your Japanese passport in Canada. Should you need any assistance in exchanging currencies or sending money from Canada to Japan or any other part of the world, Remitbee can be of excellent service to you.

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