How to Renew a Chilean Passport in Canada

By Remitbee - Mar 15, 2022

One of the most important types of identification a person can have is a passport. As of 2022, over 45 000 Chilean nationals live in Canada, and most of them need to renew their passports. If you have been in Canada for several years, your passport may be reaching its expiration date anytime soon.

Renewing a Chilean passport in Canada can take several weeks, so do not delay as the expiration date nears. However, it does not mean that you have to go back to Chile to renew your Chilean passport - you can still renew it in Canada!

Based on the info we got from the Chilean Consulate General in Vancouver, we've made the most straightforward guide to passport renewal in Canada, provided you are a Chilean citizen. To begin the process of renewing your passport, just take the following simple steps:

Step-by-Step Guide To Renew Your Chilean Passport in Canada

When it comes to the first passport or the renewal of documents that expired more than ten years ago, the delay can be up to six months. Make sure that your identity card is still valid. If not, it must be renewed simultaneously as the passports.

Important Notice:

A prior appointment is required, at least one week in advance, which must be requested by phone or email, indicating a phone number that should have the option to leave messages.

Step 1: Book an appointment

To renew your Chilean passport, consider booking an appointment first before coming to the office of the Chilean General Consulate. To book an appointment, you may email [email protected] or call the following telephone numbers:

+1(604) 681 9162 +1(604) 683 9181

After reaching out to them, they will send you further instructions, including the date and time on when you can go to their office.

Step 2: Bring your documents

You must bring your current Chilean documents. Provide your current original passport, and please make a copy of your previous passport if you need to hand it over to the embassy. Come and attend your appointment at the consulate on the scheduled date and time. You are not required to bring a photo. Reach out to their email for further instructions on what documents you need to bring.

On the other side, if you have lost your passport, you must file a police report for the loss and bring with you a copy report to the appointment. Alternatively, you can bring a police card with the number of the complaint.

Step 3: Pay for the Passport Renewal Fees

For the consular service for your passport renewal, you must pay US $3.00, while the passport costs US $92.00. Payment must be made at a bank branch close to the consular office on the same day of your appointment. The bank only accepts cash in either Canadian currency or US dollars, and if the applicant fails to meet the requirements, there will be no refund.

Step 4: Wait for your Chilean passport

As of this moment, the Chilean Consulate General does not have any website where an applicant can track the status of their passport renewal. However, you have to wait to process your Chilean passport. The Consul General's Office also revealed that passports take approximately six months to be available for collection at this consular office or another Consulate of your choice that you indicate when requesting the document.

Step 5: Claim your renewed passport at the consular office

Your passport must be collected personally by the applicant or by another person who has been authorized in writing at the time the application is made or, later, through a notarized authorization.

Suppose the applicant cannot personally collect their passport and identity card and does not have the possibility of entrusting this management to another person in the manner indicated above. In that case, they must sign a special authorization for their documents to be sent by mail. XPRESSPOST (buy from Canada Post). In such a case, you must bring this envelope XPRESSPOST.

The issuance of the new passport will block the old one, which will remain in your possession but cannot be used as a travel document.

Location Details Consulate General of Chile Suite 1610, 1185 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC. V6E 4E6 Phone: +1(604) 681 9162 ; +1(604) 683 9181 [email protected]

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