How to Find a Job During a Pandemic

By Remitbee - Jun 2, 2021

While the pandemic has brought changes to almost every aspect of our everyday lives, one of the most difficult things has been the rising unemployment rates. As businesses have been forced to shut down for months at a time, people have been fired, laid off or seen a significant reduction in their hours. The gig economy took a huge hit early on, as social distancing made it impossible for ride-share drivers to let passengers into their cars. People graduating high school and college have also been met by more competition than ever before in trying to begin their careers. Whatever the reason you find yourself looking for a job, here are some tips to help you job search successfully during a pandemic.

Expand your search

While most people have a dream job in mind, you may need to be flexible on the job that you are willing to take. If you were laid off, you may find that your old job doesn’t exist in the current work-from-home economy, or if you’re just starting out you may need to take a job that is tangentially related to your ultimate goal. Either way, any work is better than no work, so don’t turn down positions just because there is a tradeoff.

Temporary is Okay

While people typically aim to stay at a job for at least a few years in a normal job market, things are different at the moment. Your future employers will understand if you only have a job for a little while. Plus, who knows, a temporary job may even lead to something more permanent down the road. Don’t discount an opportunity that is short-term in the hopes that you’ll get a longer-term position right now. Again, any offer is better than no offer, so as long as the pay is somewhat reasonable, you should give it serious consideration. You can always keep job searching for longer-term employment while you begin your short-term job.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is always a good idea, but it can be especially helpful during a pandemic when many people are out of work and are looking to find jobs. LinkedIn is a great place to start expanding your professional network and strengthening old professional connections and opportunities. You can also reach out to old coworkers or people you may know if your field. You never know who may hear of a job opportunity and think of you.

Be prepared for video – Whether you love video chatting or hate it, zoom is a solid part of remote work. Even if you aren’t interested in remote jobs, you will most likely have to do at least one zoom interview. Make sure you are used to looking at your camera and have space with a clean background and good lighting. Even if you’re wearing sweatpants, be sure that your clothes and hair look professional while you are on camera as well.

All skills are Skills

Spend some time polishing your resume and put some emphasis on digital skills. It is more important now than ever before to distinguish yourself in your application, so be sure your CV/resume and cover letter are edited, polished and easy to understand. Your most marketable skills should be easy to pull out, and your cover letter should be personalized every time. Also, if you have some extra time while you are at home more, consider learning new digital skills or updating some that you have with certified academic courses online.

Stay Positive

Finally, don’t lose hope. Getting a job can take a while, especially during a pandemic. Do your best to adapt, expand your skills and search and keep a positive outlook. You just need one opportunity, and we are sure you will get the right one. Until then, if you need to convert money to send home or convert money that was sent to you, Remitbee is here to help.

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