How to Decorate for Tamil New Year

By Remitbee - Mar 21, 2022

Many South Asians look forward to April each year since it marks the beginning of some of their most important celebrations. One of these is Tamil New Year.

Known as Puthandu, it is a big festival celebrated by Tamils worldwide with many pomp and ceremony. This event is celebrated on the 14th or 15th of April every year in Tamil Nadu, India, and Sri Lanka. It also means the end of the harvest season. It occurs in the middle of April and corresponds with the festivals of Vishu in Kerala, Mesha Sankranti in Bengal, Pohela Boishakh in Punjab, and Baisakhi in Kerala.

The Tamil people adhere to the traditional Solar calendar, nearly identical to other Hindu calendars in appearance. The only difference between it and the others is that it is based on the movement of the Sun rather than the moon's cycle and has 365 days in a year.

Tamil Nadu celebrates the beginning of Chithirai (mid-April to mid-May), coinciding with the start of summer and fall. In Tamil Nadu, the month of Chithirai is considered a lucky month. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the universe on this day.

This festival is notable because it takes place on the same day every year. This day is significant in Tamil astrology because it is the beginning of the Kanni-Ayilyam Nakshatram.

What happens during Tamil New Year?

People commemorate Tamil New Year by visiting temples early in the morning with their family on the day before Tamil New Year officially begins. They pay visits to relatives and friends to offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth).

During this time of year, people gather with friends and family to share meals and exchange gifts. In some regions of India, people will also host a big cultural supper with performances of songs and dances to accompany the meal.

They also clean their homes since cleaning the house means getting rid of old items and putting up a fresh start for the new year, which is a tradition. It is also customary for them to prepare food items to be consumed on the first day of the Tamil new year. They make sweets and snacks such as Pongal (a rice-based sweet dish), Vadai, Appam, and other delicacies famous in southern India.

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How to Decorate for Tamil New Year?

The decorations for Tamil New Year, or Puthandu, are frequently comparable to those for other New Years' in India. Some recommendations for decorating your home for the Tamil New Year are as follows:

  • Colourfully decorate your home with Kolams and flowers in front of your home. Kolam is supposed to attract ants, birds, and other little critters into one's home. It's a way to attract Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, into your life.

  • Mango leaves or sugar cane stalks can be used to decorate the front door of your home. Rice flour paste or cow dung can be used to decorate your front door with a bright design.

  • Hang brightly coloured lanterns on the top of the entrance to welcome Lord Ganesha, who is believed to be visiting their homes to bestow blessings.

    Furthermore, the most crucial aspect of the Tamil New Year is the Puja room, where you can perform Puja ( a worship ritual ). Here's how you can set up your Puja room:

  • First, the floor must be cleaned and covered with a new white cloth. A brass vessel is filled with water, and a little turmeric powder is added. The pot is placed in the center of the room on the floor.

  • The brass pot should be used for Puja. Place some turmeric powder, kumkum, sandalwood paste, white rice, banana leaves, and flowers close to the pot.

  • On one side of the room are placed fresh fruits and sweets. On another side, place betel leaves and betel nuts.

    Finally, burn an oil lamp in the puja room and lay images of your ancestors on the altar. On Tamil New Year's Day, make offerings to the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu god Ganesh and Saraswati.

    On the day of Tamil New Year, the house lady makes a colourful rangoli with rice flour at the entrance to their home and decorates the house with flowers first thing in the morning after taking a bath. They also offer prayers to the god Vinayaka and begin preparing delectable meals for lunch and dinner.

    Tamils celebrate Puthandu, or Tamil New Year, with much ceremony! The Tamil New Year signifies the end of the previous year and the beginning of a new one, hoping that the coming year will be their finest.

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