Filipino Communities in Canada

By Remitbee - Feb 23, 2021

Canada has always been a top choice for Filipinos looking to move abroad. In 2018, Canada’s population included almost a million Filipinos or Filipino-Canadians making them the fourth largest visible minority community in Canada. That segment of the population included a mix of naturalized citizens, permanent residents, temporary work permit holders, and international students. The country’s many different immigration programs seemed to be the reason why it is a top choice. While it is still a foreign land, having a lot of “kababayan” in the community makes us feel that we’re not a thousand miles away from home. A sense of belonging that helps us win over homesickness and improve our daily life in our new home. Here’s a quick guide on where you can best feel at home in Canada.

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1. Toronto, Ontario

This is where the highest concentration of Filipinos in Canada are located with over 250,000 recorded on the 2016 census. A small neighbourhood in North York, around Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue, is even dubbed as Little Manila. Food Trip, Republika RestoBar and Grill,Wilson’s Haus of Lechon, Atin Ito and Sampaguita Village Family Restaurant are just some of the many Filipino restaurants in the area. Surely, Filipino food will not be missed! What we miss though are the social events such as Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show and Taste of Manila

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

More than 100,000 Filipinos make up the population of this city. In Fraser Street, many establishment signposts are even written in Tagalog. A sure sign of the high visibility of Filipinos living in the area. Just like in Toronto, Filipino food will not be missed because there is Aling Ening Restaurant, O Taho, Pin Pin Restaurant, Kulinarya Filipino Eatery,Hapag Restaurant and many more. Pinoy Fiesta is one of the major Filipino events in the Lower Mainland while the Philippine Days Festival is celebrated in North Vancouver.

3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Accommodation prices here are among the lowest in the country making it one of the best choices when moving to Canada for the first time. A recruitment program in the 1960s made over 1,200 Filipinos move to Winnipeg and so the Filipino community in the area has grown since then. No wonder the growth of Filipino restaurants such as Noemi’s, Pampanga Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Myrna’s Cafe & Catering, Jenmuel’s Lechon Cebu and Grill Jenmuel’s Lechon Cebu and Grill, Kalan Restaurant and several Filipino stores across Winnipeg is very evident.

4. Calgary, Alberta

Filipinos represent 3.4% of the city’s population making Alberta the province with some of the largest Filipino groups in Canada. The visibility of Filipino restaurants such as Barrio Fiesta, Lola’s Filipino Kitchen, Adobo Experience , Chopstix Filipino Restaurant, and Tambayan at Kainang Filipino Restaurant Calgary mean that there is a big market of Filipinos in the city. Big cultural events such as Fiesta Filipino are also being hosted in the area from time to time.

5. Edmonton, Manitoba

Job opportunities in the petroleum industry of this city is one of the key points why many Filipinos choose to live here. Apart from having Cebuchon & BBQ, Manila Grill Restaurant , Filistix , Pinoy Grill and Palabok House in the city, there are also plenty of Filipino convenience stores in area so you can still enjoy many of the products you used to patronize back home. Before the pandemic, a three-day festival called Filipino Fiesta Filipino Fiesta used to be enjoyed here.

Wherever you are in Canada, there’s always something that bridges the gap between the Philippines and Canada. A major solution to homesickness and just feeling the warmth of Manila in the midst of Canada's cold weather. However, enjoying your new home does not mean you have forgotten your friends and families back in your motherland. There’s always a way to keep the buzz. Remitbee is here to help. There is no fee to pay when you send over 500$ to the Philippines. Download the app now and start sending money to the Philippines fee-free!

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