Event: Exclusive Live Interview with Theresa Redula

By Remitbee - Mar 19, 2021

When: March 26, 2021 8PM EST

Where: Youtube and Facebook

The Philippines is the third-largest source of new immigrants to Canada according to 2020 data. But even long before, fulfilling the most sought-after Canadian dream has always been the talk of the town. There are several pathways that you can take to be able to go to Canada. However, the recent change in the educational system of the Philippines from 10 to 12 years may have also brought an adjustment on the career goals of Filipino students.

We have invited Theresa Redula, a Reporter from OMNI News Filipino Edition, to share her journey to Canada as a Senior High School Graduate from the Philippines. What are the differences between studying in the Philippines and Canada? How did she land a job? How does it feel to be working in the media industry? These are just some of the things we’ll learn plus her tips for newcomers in Canada! Whether you’re still dreaming to study and work in Canada or you have been here for a long, there’s always something new and inspiring from a fellow kababayan abroad.

OMNI Filipino is the home of stories about/for Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians. Every night at 8 PM on Omni Television. Here’s where you can watch:

BC: OMNI BC - Shaw 8 & 214 (HD) / Bell Express Vu 254 & 1155 (HD) / Telus Optik TV 119 (HD) / Telus Satellite TV 254 / Rogers 170

Ontario: OMNI 2 - Rogers 14 (HD) / Bell Express Vu 21 & 1056 (HD) / Shaw Direct 395 / Telus Satellite TV 21 & 216

Alberta: OMNI Calgary: Shaw 4 & 214 (HD) / Telus Optik TV 119 (HD) / Bell Express Vu 1135 HD OMNI Edmonton: Shaw 11 & 214 (HD) / Telus Optik TV 119 (HD) / Bell Express Vu 1135 HD

Do you have some questions for Theresa? You may submit them here and she will try to answer them all on March 26. Questions may also be submitted through the comments section during the live interview.

Should you not be able to tune in live, you will still be able to replay a recording of the interview at a later date. Mag kita kita tayo kabayan!


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