Education Crisis: How Can We Cope?

By Remitbee - Aug 25, 2020

Many believe that children are our future. If they are taught well, they will lead the way — just like the lines of a famous hit song. However, many would agree that “Health is Wealth” just like how each one of us was taught in school. But because of the current pandemic situation, the whole world went upside down. Everyone had no choice but to simply adjust. The priority between health, education, and economy has been the biggest issue of every nation.

“Is it safe?” — the ultimate question of 2020. We all have our fair share of frustration from the many changes that we had to abide by including the new safety protocols whenever we head out even just to buy groceries. For many, their homes are a place of sanctuary and solitude from their stress at work. But now, many of us had to transfer the work at home to keep us safe from the possible contagion in our workplace. Schools also followed through by making the education system a distance learning arrangement in most countries. The result? An exhausted household.

With the next academic year commencing soon, many have expressed a divided opinion of whether to let kids attend a school like normal but with safety protocols or to go on full-length distance learning through virtual classes. Both will have their own challenges, with parents struggling to juggle their work-from-home arrangement to pay extra attention to their children’s education and health. If that’s true of you, how can you and your child make the best of it if you are all working and studying from home? Here are some practical tips:

Tip 1: Schedule Your Activities

Set specific times for chores, work, and other important matters and help your child do the same. Help them treat the day as if they were in school and that they have to get things done at a certain time. If things change, then adjust your schedule accordingly. Having a routine and sticking to it may help you adapt better. Why not write down your schedule and put it where you will easily see it?

Tip 2: Cultivate Self-Discipline

At home, it’s easy to make excuses and leave things to do for later because you are in your relaxed zone. At work or school, you’re likely to finish a task for the given time because your mind is set to do that. Having self-discipline is learning to tackle the work at hand even when you don’t feel motivated. Both children and adults in the same household learn from each other’s actions. Try to make your child do the schoolwork in the same place and at the same time and see if it helps increase their self-discipline and try to do the same as well. Remember, children learn a lot from what they observe and see. Set daily goals for them and let your yes mean yes and you're no mean no.

Tip 3: Create a Work/Study Space

Make a comfortable dedicated workstation for you and study space for your child. Being in that space during your work hours and their school period sets your mood that you’re there to work/study and not to snooze. So don’t make it too cozy!

Tip 4: Learn to Focus

While multitasking is great, staying focused is impossible. You’re more likely to make mistakes and take longer to complete your work. Help your child by removing anything that could possibly distract them from their study space.

Tip 5: Take breaks

It’s a struggle for the mind and body when you’re seated for hours. Getting up and taking frequent small breaks may help refresh and keep you in a good mood. While for children, breaks may depend on the duration of their virtual classes. Hence, their actual “break" may be done after doing school work. Encourage them to go for a walk, ride their bike, play an instrument, or any hobby that will supplement or refresh them from their schooling.

Transferring our outside activities at home surely entails a lot of effort and challenges. What seemed to be quick and easy before may require more patience today. However, staying at home doesn’t restrict us from doing other important errands such as sending money to our loved ones abroad.

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