Diwali Festival in Toronto 2021

By Remitbee - Oct 26, 2021

For the next couple of weeks, Toronto will be ablaze with the cultural celebration of Diwali, the Hindu, Sikh, and Jains' religious Festival of Lights, which falls on November 4. Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, hope over despair, and wisdom over ignorance.

Bring some light into your life! Here's what is going on in Toronto.

Diwali in Toronto

This joyous festival is all about bringing in the new. Cleaning and decorating homes begin several days ahead of time as part of the preparation. Diyas (candles and lamps) have been lit. Prayers, gifts, and mithai (sweets) are shared among family and friends, and new clothes are worn.

In the Toronto community, Toronto Public Health does not encourage hosting or attending in-person parties this year due to COVID-19 cases. This applies to your residential property, the mandir or gurdwara, and the neighbourhood.

Diwali is a time to gather with your loved ones to celebrate the Festival of Lights in the previous years. However, this year's celebrations will have to be different for us to all stay safe.

Even though the Diwali celebration will be limited, there are still many ways to participate and stay connected throughout this festive season with a bit of creativity and inspiration. The following are some reminders if you want to celebrate Diwali in Toronto:

Only invite people you live with to in-person gatherings. Invite only immediate family and close friends into your home. You can still decorate your home, share sweets and meals, send gifts, and pray as you usually would with people who live in your home.

Virtually celebrate with people you don't live with. If before, you regularly invite relatives and friends who don't live nearby to celebrate with you, connect with them online instead this year. You can plan an online meeting or a video conversation with them or share images with family and friends who don't live with you.

Regarding places of worship and prayers, it is advised to practice your prayers and light your diyas at home this year. If going to the mandir or gurdwara has been part of your tradition, check the place of worship you plan to go to and see if the service will be live-streamed or offered virtually.

To avoid direct contact with somebody who doesn't live with you, you can exchange gifts online or drop them off outside their door. You can also arrange for contactless food/supply delivery for loved ones, especially those who live alone or who are sharing a meal through video calls.

You can also check the Diwali Festival in Brampton 2021 if you’re based there.

Diwali Fest in Toronto

Diwali Fest - Lighten Your Spirit

  • Family-friendly
  • Music & Alcohol
  • On-dock parking is available
  • Check-in and boarding will begin 20 minutes before the start of the event.
  • Government-mandated COVID restrictions will apply (mask is required).
  • Online payment only.


October 29, 2021 - 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Where Pioneer Cruises, 333 Lake Shore Boulevard East, Toronto, Canada

Top 5 Toronto Restaurants for Diwali Feasts

Diwali is approaching fast, and this year, you can indulge yourself with a variety of delicious Indian foods and treats! With these takeaway options available throughout the city from the best restaurants in Toronto, you can celebrate Diwali from the comfort of your own home.

Motimahal Restaurant Menu: Indian Cuisine Address: 1422 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON

Bindia Indian Bistro Menu: Indian Cuisine Address: 16 Market St., Toronto, ON

Saravanaa Bhavan Menu: Indian, Vegetarian Cuisine Address: 1571 Sandhurst Cir. #153, Toronto, ON

Goa Indian Farm Kitchen Menu: Indian Cuisine Address: 2901 Bayview Ave. Unit 102, Toronto, ON

PBN Grill Menu: Indian Cuisine Address: 782 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON

COVID-19 City of Toronto Diwali Celebration Recommendations

Diwali, a Hindu festival generally marked by family gatherings, will be celebrated in Toronto soon. For those celebrating Diwali in Toronto this November 4, Diwali celebrations should follow public health guidance, like other activities and holidays this year.

This means celebrating with people in your household and virtually with those outside your home. It is very recommended that you wear a mask as much as possible and wash your hands often.

Last year, provincial enforcements of the city of Toronto responded to many complaints and enforced bylaws throughout the city, including restaurants and parks. Toronto had received complaints about park use and physical distancing, businesses, and private property gatherings. Enforcement teams had already issued tickets and warnings to businesses, park use, and private houses.

Everyone in Toronto should take precautions to protect themselves at this upcoming Festival of Lights. Individuals should only leave their homes for important activities on holidays.

Residents are encouraged to limit contact with persons not in their immediate family, keep at least six feet separate from those not in their immediate household, and wear a mask outside their houses, especially in indoor situations and when physical distance is impossible. When sick, residents should wash their hands often and stay at home.

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