Digital Sources, Tools & Apps To Help Immigrants Settle In Canada

By Remitbee - Jan 21, 2020

You’ve hit the jackpot! Not only have you just moved to the most beautiful country in the world (we’re a little biased) but you’ve also just found all the tools and guides you need to settle comfortably.

This is our list of the best digital sources, tools and apps that can help you to settle as an immigrant in Canada. You’re welcome.

Finding Work in Canada


The Job Bank – it’s a great place to start! This government job service gives you an idea of what jobs are available in what areas and the type of salary you can expect to get. It’s a great place to start. Remember, sometimes you have to take the lower jobs to work your way up. 

Find Your Education Equivalency – anyone who wasn’t educated in Canada needs to undergo a quick assessment to check what your current certificates and diplomas are equivalent to in the Canadian system.

Make use of your credentials – many immigrants, like us, come to Canada with a specific skill set. Unfortunately, our credentials from our home countries aren’t always transferable. Find out if yours can be transferred to get you a job, or if you need to apply for new credentials from a new regulatory body, here

Managing Money as an Immigrant


Remitbee App – for iOS and Android phones. Remitbee Online Money Transfer service is awesome! We love working for Remitbee and Remitbee loves helping immigrants. Transfer money back to your origin country for free. Enjoy your first free transfer with us.

Also, a transfer of over $500 is free.

Understanding tax – yep, it’s super boring… but it’s important. Luckily, the Canadian Government has created a simple guide that is designed especially for immigrants to explain how taxes work and what you need to do.

Settling in Canada


Remitbee Blog – from good vacation destinations around Toronto to money-saving tips for families. Stay up to date with the Remitbee blog for advice and news. Remitbee is a local Canadian company, founded and operated by immigrants just like you. We have some invaluable advice to pass on so make sure you don’t miss it!

Catching up with the news – the Canadian Immigrant is an online newspaper with stories, advice and more to help you settle in Canada. We love reading the inspirational success stories in it! It’s also a great way to find out about festivities and meetings in your area.

Essential information – from your nearest healthcare organization to immigration and citizenship advice, Settlement is a fantastic place to find essential information for those new to Canada. We know it’s hard to adapt, so this site can give you a step up in everything from everyday life to education.

Volunteer opportunities – volunteering gives you an awesome insight into daily life in Canada and quickly gets you integrated with the community. Check around the local church or shopping centres, or head straight to Volunteer Canada

Want to chat? No problem. Remitbee gives a welcome call to every new immigrant who signs up to our remittance service. Sign up now

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