Culture and Traditions in Sri Lanka

By Remitbee - Jun 1, 2021

Sri Lanka is, the most Westernized country in South Asia, and this, coupled with the extensive use of English and the large tourism industry.

Sri Lanka's culture combines modern elements with traditional elements and is renowned for its ethnic diversity. The heritage of Theravada Buddhism passed on from India has long influenced Sri Lankan culture, and the religion's legacy is particularly strong in the southern and central regions of Sri Lanka. In the northernmost reaches of the world, South Indian cultural influences are particularly pronounced. The history of colonial colonization has also left a mark on the identity of Sri Lanka, with the numerous traditional aspects of Sri Lankan culture intermingling with Portuguese, Dutch, and British elements.

Additionally, some elements of Sri Lankan culture have also been affected by Indonesian culture. Culturally, Sri Lanka has close links to India as well as Southeast Asia. Sri Lanka has longstanding relations, which can be traced back to prehistory, with the Indian subcontinent.

Throughout the year, Buddhists, Tamils/ Hindus, Catholics, and Muslims hold a number of religious activities. Vesak is the most sacred Buddhist religious festival, and it is observed by the Buddhist community all over the world.

Folk and classical dancing abound in Sri Lankan culture. Many traditional dances, such as the well-known "Kandayan Dancing," are inspired by Buddhist origins and temple participation.

Temples, fortresses, statues, irrigation systems, historical instruments, and methods are all marvels produced by our forefathers under the guidance of truly remarkable rulers. Some of the ancient cities with declared ancient ruin sites include Pollonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Yapahuwa, and Galle.

Sri Lankan cuisine is based on coconuts, rice, and spices. Since every part of the coconut tree is used for a variety of purposes, the coconut tree is significant to Sri Lankans both culturally and economically.

Almost every Sri Lankan, regardless of city, area, religion, ethnicity, or anything else, loves cricket and cheers on the national team. It's the only sport in which every Sri Lankan has a natural affinity.

Wherever you are in Canada, there’s always something that bridges the gap between Sri Lanka and Canada. A major solution to homesickness and just feeling the warmth of Sri Lanka in the midst of Canada's cold weather. However, enjoying your new home does not mean you have forgotten your friends and families back in your motherland. There’s always a way to keep the buzz.

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By Javishaa Thiya

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