Canadian Fin-Tech RemitBee Dives Deep into Bee Conservation

By Remitbee - Jun 23, 2022

While fin-tech and being environmentally friendly may not seem like a likely pair. RemitBee is working to change that.

RemitBee is a 100% online money transfer and currency exchange service. Being completely online allows customers to skip the long car rides to the store and avoid wasting paper normally required for in-person transactions.

Covid-19 helped accelerate the “all-digital” movement that RemitBee has been a part of for years but reducing the carbon footprint of customers isn’t their only focus.

As part of their commitment to a sustainable future, RemitBee has adopted part of a bee hive through the Toronto Bee Rescue’s Hive Share program. This contribution helps support local beekeepers and small businesses. The team visited the bee farm and had a first-hand look at the hives while learning about the powerful insects.

“We borrow our company’s name and imagery from nature around us and one of the hardest working beings on the planet, the honey bee. So we wanted to find different ways to do our part,” explains Bhaneeta Chadha, RemitBee Marketing Executive.

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A report by the Fish and Wildlife Service states that bee populations have decreased by 89% due to many factors like habitat loss, pesticides, climate change, and disease. Bees play an integral role in pollinating fruit, vegetables and other crops that humans need to survive.

Recently 5 million bees died due to issues during transit, another hit to their dwindling numbers.

Ways To Get Involved

While many organizations are working to help increase bee populations there are small things that people can do to help.

  • Grow wildflowers (pesticide-free)
  • Buying honey products from local bee farms
  • Avoid using chemicals in personal gardens
  • Donate to bee conservancy organizations like the bee conservancy

How Else is RemitBee Going Green?

Below are a few ways Remitbe is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and more!

Financial Empowerment Fund

RemitBee’s Financial Empowerment Fund aims to support underprivileged fin-tech startups around the world. When evaluating potential participants environmental sustainability is taken into account with every acceptance.

Remote Work Option for Employees

Working from home lets the RemitBee team bypass the commute and pollution that comes with transportation.


The RemitBee office is 99.9% paperless. Paper is only used on very rare occasions.

Energy Safe Appliances and Recycling Stations

The RemitBee office is equipped with appliances and fixtures that keep energy usage low. Easily accessible recycling bins throughout the office helps keeps items out of the landfill.

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