Best Online Services to Use During the Quarantine

By Remitbee - Apr 16, 2020

The world is practising social distancing, and most people are turning to online services for almost every aspect of their lives. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve created a list of the best online services for entertainment, money transfer, food delivery and more!


Staying at home means many people are facing boredom. This section covers anybody who is looking for free games, or to watch movies online!

Play Station 4 - Free Games

Playstation is giving all PS4 users permanent free access to two games! You can claim the first 3 Uncharted Games and Journey through the Playstation Store. Once you claim them, they are yours for life and you do not need a play station plus membership.

Make sure to claim the games before May 5, 2020, at 8 pm PDT / 11 pm EST!

Free month of Just Dance Unlimited

Working out can be hard if you’re stuck at home but Just Dance aims to fix that! If you have a copy of Just Dance 2020 you’ll get free access to Just Dance Unlimited on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

House Party

If you’re looking for a more interactive way to group video chat with your friends and family, the House Party (mobile and web) allows you to play games with each other while chatting. It also allows friends of your friends to join the chat if the room is unlocked creating a virtual house party!


HBO is most commonly known as a TV network, but they also have an online streaming service. They are offering a number of free online television shows to help people stay occupied during the pandemic.

You can watch everything from children’s movies to the HBO series for free if you sign up now.


While Netflix hasn’t offered any special perks for those who are stuck at home, a neat new tool has been circulating that makes Netflix a little more fun.

If you want to have a movie night with your friends from afar, there is a Chrome extension that allows you to do just that. Netflix Party is a free plugin that allows you to video chat your friends while watching a movie together.

Instead of playing a movie on your own TVs and trying to hit play all at once, Netflix Party allows you to stream the movie right in your group video chat.


The kids are out of school, which means that a lot of parents are going from working full time to working full time while entertaining little ones.

Lucky for you, Disney+ is here to save the day. They have released a few highly anticipated films a few months early in hopes of encouraging people to stay inside. One of these films is Frozen 2.

While extra screen time is not really ideal, you can flip on Disney +and rest assured that your child has tons of age-appropriate content to watch.

Food and Meal Kit Delivery Services

There are plenty of different options when it comes to feeding yourself during the quarantine.

Food Delivery Service

Many restaurants have started their own delivery services so if you have a favourite restaurant in mind give them a call to better support them. If they aren’t offering delivery they may be featured on the delivery apps below. Some restaurants do both so it’s always better to check with them before using a delivery service. We’ve listed a few in case the service doesn’t cover the restaurant you want.


, Skip the Dishes and Just Eat are some of the best food delivery services. They offer tons of options and typically run great promotions. As a response to COVID19, they offer contactless deliveries.

UberEATS has done its best to do their part during the pandemic. In order to encourage users to continue to order from their favourite spots, they have waived delivery fees for local restaurants.

Meal Kit Delivery Services

If making your own food is more of your own thing, and you want to explore new recipes without making extra trips to the grocery store a meal kit delivery service may be more your thing.

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service. They bring you all the ingredients to make one of their delicious recipes. This is super fun, easy and convenient.

You can choose how many servings you’d like to order, how many you’d like each week and any dietary preferences.

Hello Fresh

, is a great option if you want to use the lockdown as an opportunity to try out new meals.

A similar meal kit services is Chefs Plate.


Going out for medicine when you’re sick is risky, for both you and the people around you. Luckily, you can order your medicine through online services or check with your local pharmacy if they offer delivery.

Canadian Wide Pharmacy

and Express Scripts offers delivery services for any medicine that you need in the midst of the pandemic.

Grocery Delivery

If you are unable to go grocery shopping or would rather avoid it many stores offer delivery services like Walmart or Instacart. They make grocery delivery easy and affordable. You can build your cart right on Walmart’s website and schedule delivery within 24 hours or use the Instacart App.

We recommend having your shopper leave the groceries outside your door in order to avoid contact. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the packaging of your groceries in order to sanitize them.

Online Money Transfer Services

Now more then ever you may need to send money to your loved ones abroad. The best thing anyone can do to keep safe is to stay home, so the best choice is to use an online money transfer service. There a few options you can use!


We offer the best exchange rate on the market with no fees for transfers under $500 and have 1 of the quickest transfer speeds (1-3 business days)

Of course, Remitbee is backed by FINTRAC, which means it’s deemed safe and secure by the Canadian government as well as being trusted by thousands.

Remitbee Wallet allows you to pay bills online in addition to personal money transfers. This is also very convenient because it eliminates unnecessary trips to the bank and post office.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the most well-known and oldest money transfer services. They offer services to over 200 countries.

Western Union offers a loyalty plan where you earn points when you send money or bills with WU that can later be used for fee-deductions and other rewards.

World Remit

World remit is also used by thousands and they offer mobile money, cash transfer and cash pickup but at this time it is best to stay home. Trustpilot reviews Worldremit as Excellent and they have over 25,000+ 5 Star reviews.

A cool feature that WorldRemit offers is Airtime Top-up. This allows you to add more talk-time or data allowance to your loved one’s mobile phone, letting you better keep in touch.

Staying Safe While Staying Inside

Your health is a priority, but trying to feel normal while staying inside is a must, we hope these suggestions make staying inside a little bit easier.

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