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By Remitbee - Dec 15, 2021

Are you a healthcare professional who plans to work in Canada’s healthcare sector? If so, you may be required to choose and study a Canadian nursing program.

Selecting a nursing program is entirely your choice, and you might have personal factors to consider when choosing which program to pursue in Canada. For you to have an idea of what nursing programs for international students are worth pursuing in Canada, here are the best options you can choose from.


Gerontology is the study of the physical aspects of ageing, including its mental, social, and societal implications. Since Canada’s population is ageing, more and more citizens need specialized services and support to help them live conveniently through adult life. Gerontology is a high demand and a highly competitive program, so it is best to apply early in your university or college of choice to secure a slot.

Palliative Care

If you want to increase your knowledge and skill in caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses, you can pursue this post-graduate degree. Taking this will teach you how to combine your previous education and experience with new and advanced learning techniques in providing exemplary care to patients and their families who are coping with the complexities associated with the dying process.

Community Mental Health

This nursing program in Canada explores the current issues and trends in Canada’s mental health to provide the best nursing practices and other health care services to clients afflicted with diverse mental health disorders in the community.

With the ongoing pandemic, data shows an increase in the number of more anxious people and need mental health support. This course will teach and train you on how to effectively help these individuals cope and resume their old lives.

Enhanced Nursing Practice

Even if you are a registered nurse in the Philippines, taking the enhanced nursing practice post-graduate program will help you acquire more essential nursing knowledge and skills you can apply within the Canadian healthcare system, focusing on caring for patients in an acute clinical setting. Under this program, you will learn how to develop your skills in critical thinking, decision making, care planning, nursing diagnosis, implementation, and evaluation of care.

Respiratory Therapy

With the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19, a respiratory therapy program is becoming in demand. This program will equip you with knowledge and skills to provide ventilation and airway management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen and aerosol therapy, patient assessment and evaluation, and assisting in anesthesia and high-risk births in the operating room.

Recreation Therapy

This program is founded on the belief that play, recreation, and leisure are essential in helping individuals achieve optimal health and a sense of well-being that will lead them to improved life quality. A recreational therapy program will help you assess what recreational activities and therapeutic recreation processes you can give patients with varying cognitive, physical, social, and emotional limitations.

Healthcare Administration

To ensure that a hospital runs smoothly, health care admins are hired. To become one in Canada, you can study the healthcare administration program. Here you will be trained to do daily tasks such as scheduling appointments, updating patient records, assisting in minor medical procedures, and answering queries. This program will also help you improve your operations management and leadership skills and techniques.

Doula Studies

Doulas provide psychological support and non-medical pain relief techniques to soon-to-be mothers who are in labour. Aside from assisting in birthing, this program will teach you how to accompany individuals and families through their reproductive journey. Ideally, every birthing woman should have a doula, so after completing the program and passing your licensure exam, there are plenty of job opportunities you can take.

These eight are just some of the best nursing programs for international students aside from Filipinos. Most of these programs can be accomplished in one year, but others will take two to four years to complete and earn a certificate or diploma.

Canada is one of the countries with an outstanding healthcare system. If you want to acquire the best training in medical and healthcare programs, getting your education in one of the colleges or universities in Canada is the right choice. If you are pretty tight on budget, you can still find amazing programs in one of the most affordable colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.

After graduation and passing your licensure exam, you can expect that many skilled job openings will be open to you.

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