Becoming One Of The Leading FinTech Companies In Toronto: The Journey Of Remitbee

By Remitbee - Jan 15, 2020

The journey of how we, Remitbee Online Money Transfer, became one of the leading FinTech companies in Toronto starts from humble origins.

Our founders didn’t set out to make a fortune or disrupt the market. Instead, Remitbee was founded on one core value:

To provide online solutions for immigrants in Canada, so the process of sending money back to their origin countries is quicker, safer, and secure.

With our focus on making a difference in the lives of immigrants like you, we’re proud to say that Remitbee has been a huge success!

Follow us on that journey now…

With our core value in mind, we needed to build a platform that not only allowed you to send money instantly at the click of a button but allowed you to do it at an affordable rate. This became our vision; we pictured a world where people could send their money and support their families with a click or tap of a button, using an ordinary smartphone. No bank queues, no extortionate fees, and no complicated processes.

You’ll be happy to hear that we built Remitbee differently. We always put our customers first. That’s the real driving force of Remitbee’s journey! Putting the customer first has enabled us to build a seamless, innovative platform.

Here’s what we did differently:

  • We cut out the middleman, dealing directly with banks in over 50 countries. This allows us to keep our rates ultra-low and affordable for every immigrant in Canada.
  • Enable 24/7 transfers and short transfer times – plus confirmation that your money has been received via the app in just moments.
  • Offer multiple options that suit our customers, including direct delivery pickup, bank deposits and mobile wallets.

It soon became clear that to achieve all these goals for our customers, we’d need to take Remitbee to the forefront of the FinTech industry. And so, our journey to becoming one of the leading FinTechs in Toronto really kicked off!

Innovating FinTech in Toronto

text ##### Image credit: TFI’s Top FinTech Companies in Toronto – can you spot Remitbee?!

We quickly decided that alongside improving the FinTech world specifically for immigrants in Canada, we should also create some new values. We were going to reshape the remittance industry, creating valuable partnerships along the way and giving back to the immigrant customers that inspired us in the first place!

Toronto is one of the leading FinTech hubs… in the world. There’s fierce competition to innovate the next time-saving, money-saving service to improve our lives. So, we were incredibly proud when in early 2019 we were recognized for our efforts.

Toronto Finance International (TFI)

named Remitbee as one of the leading FinTech companies, next to tech giants like Spotify and Wave. Our work to make it easier for immigrants to use online solutions to send money quickly and safely back to their home countries is making huge ripples in the remittance industry in Canada.

But we’re not going to stop.

Our journey is just beginning, we can’t wait to take the next step in our journey to make it even more convenient, quick, safe and secure for you to send money online or via our app.

If you’re curious about what Remitbee can do for you, why not download our app? It’s free on the Apple app store) and Google Play store

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