Arabic Immigrants in Canada and Their Ramadan Celebration

By Remitbee - Mar 23, 2022

Statistics show that over 1,053,000 Muslims live in Canada, and the number keeps on rising as years go by. Statistics show that in 2019, the population of Muslims in Canada grew to 3.7% from 3.2% in 2011. The majority of Muslims living in Canada stay in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. You can also find several Muslim communities in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor, Winnipeg, and Halifax. These Muslims are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Egyptian, and Arab descent.

Early Muslim settlements were found in Ontario and Alberta before they shifted into Quebec in 1930s. There’s a continuous influx of Muslims still moving into Canada to pursue higher education, security, more competitive employment, family reunification, and religious and political freedom. To date, the same reasons push Muslims from pursuing a life in Canada.

Celebrating Ramadan in Your Second Home, Canada

Though Muslims in Canada don’t get to come home to their motherland to celebrate Ramadan 2022 this April 2 to May 2, Muslims in Canada and those scattered around the globe will still observe the one-month observance of Ramadan.

Ramadan is celebrated on the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. This month is devoted to praying, fasting, reflection, and other soul-enriching activities to be closer to Allah. Here are some of the ways Muslims in Canada celebrate Ramadan.


During Ramadan, fasting is one of the main activities. Muslims eat at dawn, then fast afterwards, then they resume eating after sundown.

Fasting during Ramadan only takes 14 to 16 hours in the Middle East. However, Muslims living in northern parts of the earth, such as Canada, may need to fast for 19 to 20 hours, depending on their location's sunrise and sunset schedule. Because of the unpredictable length of the day in Canada, some Muslims find it ideal to follow other country's or city’s time frames when observing fast, such as the schedule in Saudi Arabia. That way, they can still keep up with their secular schedule and follow their obligations as Muslims.

Muslims fast during Ramadan not to merely deprive themselves of food, water, and sometimes medicine. There’s a deeper meaning to this, and that is for them to remember Allah as the sustainer of life and that they should depend on him.

Aside from the reminder of human frailty, fasting during Ramadan is also a way for Muslims to feel how it is to be hungry and thirsty, allowing them to cultivate compassion as they experience, like putting themselves in the shoes of the poor and the needy. Lastly, by going on fast, Muslims can minimize the distractions in their lives and focus more on their relationship with Allah.

During Ramadan, Muslims in Canada and around the world also abstain from other activities such as sexual activity, smoking, other vices, and even harbouring negative feelings such as jealousy and greed.

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Aside from fasting, prayer is another activity done during Ramadan. At dawn, Muslims perform the opening prayer. Since it is still usually dark at this time of the day, some go back to sleep before waking up again. In the evening, another prayer is offered. Then the fast is broken by taking a snack before another evening prayer is given. Some Muslims go to the mosque to offer the evening prayer and another special prayer recited only during Ramadan.

Light meals are recommended when Muslims break their fast before the evening prayer before they eat a bigger meal because Muslim prayers involve a lot of movement: bending over, prostrating on the ground, and standing up.

Prayer is an integral part of Ramadan to foster a closer relationship with Allah. Aside from praying, Muslims also give time to read and recite passages from the Qur’an.

Charity Work

During Ramadan, Muslims also share what they have with those in need; this practice is known as Zakat. For Muslims, Zakat is not just an act of generosity. It is a form of worship by giving to the poor. The Zakat contribution is equivalent to 2.5 percent of their wealth for Muslims. Only financially capable Muslims are required to give Zakat so as not to impose an undue hardship on those who cannot.

Giving Zakat is not always monetary. Other Muslims in Canada do spring cleaning before Ramadan to prepare their home and search for functional and presentable items they are not using to donate to those in need.

Of course, helping the needy is not limited to those in their area. Muslims in Canada also celebrate Ramadan by giving Zakat to their family and friends back in their homeland. They often do this by sending money.

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