All About Vancouver Christmas Market 2021

By Remitbee - Dec 3, 2021

Wherever you are, a trip to the Vancouver Christmas Market to buy, eat, and the ride is a must during the holiday season. This year's celebration is bigger and more enjoyable than ever, with more than 80 vendors selling gifts, souvenirs, and food!

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Vancouver Christmas Market was cancelled last year. But wait! There's good news! You can now enjoy the sight of a European-style holiday fair at Jack Poole Plaza this December 2021 in Vancouver.

It's never too late to start the season and begin planning for the holidays. Keep in mind that there will be new security and healthy protocols to keep visitors safe this year. Read on to know more about what Christmas events and activities you can look forward to!


Address: Jack Poole Plaza, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3G3, Canada Tickets: Buy your tickets here. Dates: November 13 to December 24, 2021 Market Hours: (November 13 to 18) – open 4 pm to 9:30 pm, (November 19 to December 23) – open 11:30 am to 9:30 pm, December 24 – open 11:30 am to 6:00 pm Website:

Vancouver Christmas Market 2021

The Vancouver Christmas Market is a lovely spot to shop and celebrate the season with family and friends in December. It is a festive outdoor market in a European style - perfect for window shopping and holidays events! The attraction will be open from November 13 to December 24 this year.

It's been going on since 1990. And in 2021, the market celebrates its 11th anniversary. The market is situated at Jack Poole Plaza by the Olympic Cauldron at 1055 Canada Place. So, if you are ever in the area, make sure you visit this place!

Note: Proof of vaccination is required upon entry for guests 12 years old above.

What to do in Vancouver Christmas Market?

Are you searching for a perfect outdoor Christmas market to do your December shopping? Don't look far because you have it all here in Vancouver, and it is well worth visiting!

You'll find a diversity of sellers selling everything from tasty foods to Christmas-themed gifts at the market.

The Vancouver Christmas Market, which runs from mid-November to Christmas Eve, has a taste of Germany! Several European-style stalls sell high-quality products like specialty soaps, chocolates, handicrafts, craft-distilled spirits, to German beer steins.

Food for sale includes glühwein drinks, pretzels, schnitzels, and various sweets. Beer and other festive beverages are also available. And if you are 19 years old or above, there's a hot non-alcoholic apple cider and mulled wine just for you!

There is also live music! It happens on weekday evenings or weekends afternoons and nights.

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Vancouver Christmas Market Zones

The Vancouver Christmas Market has been split into four or more main sections to make it hassle-free for the visitors when shopping for different items. The popular zones at the market are the following:

Tannenbaum Terrace

The Tannenbaum Terrace, or Christmas Tree Terrace, is located at the heart of the venue, where you'll find the massive Christmas tree, as well as food and stage for live entertainment.


The Kaufmannsgasse, or Merchant Alley, is near the Vancouver Convention Centre, where you'll find many other vendors that sell imported beer steins, clothes, and handicrafts.

Artisan Market

In recent years, the Artisan Market was along the western edge of the Vancouver Christmas Market, where roughly 16 vendors were selling everything from handcrafted wood and glasswork to handmade chocolates. This year, it is situated near the market's entrance - where you can also find the carousel to ride!

Alpine Lounge

The Alpine Lounge, located at the north end of the Marktplatz, has a vast indoor area with picnic tables. The Alpine Lounge is simply a beautiful spot to sit and eat!


Here in Marktplatz, you can find traditional desserts such as waffles, German donuts, Belgian chocolates, chimney cakes, and chocolate-covered marshmallows. Among the beverages available are craft beers, German beers, glühwein, schnapps, and hot apple cider.

Vancouver Christmas Market Tickets & Admission

It is worth mentioning that tickets purchased at the gate are pricier than those purchased online. Also, if you plan on coming back more than a few times, you might as well buy a season pass ($20), so you can have an unlimited entry!

At the gate ticket price:

  • Six years old and below – Free
  • 7 to 17 years old – $10
  • 18 to 64 years old – $17
  • 65 and above – $14

Online ticket price:

  • Six years old and below – Free
  • 7 to 17 years old – $7
  • 18 to 64 years old – $13
  • 65 and above – $11

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