6 Best Places To Visit In Toronto- Canada’s Largest City

By Remitbee - Apr 15, 2022

Toronto is Ontario's capital and Canada's largest city. It's difficult to choose the best places to visit in Toronto since it's such a vast and diverse city. Since the city offers so many attractions, you'll need to plan to ensure you get to see all the places you want.

You'll have many choices for theaters, zoos, shopping malls, museums, diverse cuisines, and outdoor and indoor activities. It's a relatively safe city at all hours of the day and night, as long as you take the required precautions.

Let's have a look at the six places worth seeing.

Best Places In Toronto You Don’t Want To Miss Visiting

When touring Toronto, include these six must-see attractions on your schedule.

Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada

Consider paying a visit to Ripley's Aquarium if you want an unforgettable experience for the entire family. The aquarium sits on a 135,000-square-foot plot of land.

Ripley’s aquarium is located Southeast of CN(Canadian National Tower), downtown Toronto.

You get up close and personal with aquatic creatures from all around the world. It's worth a visit with over 1.5 million gallons of water and 16,000 distinct marine and freshwater creatures. Visit Ripley's Aquarium's underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk while you're there.


  • Your children will enjoy the discovery center's educational activities and the life support systems.
  • Sharks, batfish, unusual jellyfish, and other unusual water creatures are among the marine and freshwater creatures you’ll see.
  • Yoga classes are available.
  • Workshops in the arts.
  • Daily dive shows.

To learn more: Visit Here

Distillery Market

The distillery market was founded in 1830 and was formerly one of the world's largest distilleries. The distillery, as well as the adjacent buildings, has been transformed. The district sits on a 13-acre piece of land East of downtown Toronto.

You get to see some of the most beautiful historical buildings. Several TV shows and movie scenes were filmed there. Prepare to be wowed by the architecture and the best shopping experience you've ever had.


  • Vintage shops and a variety of shops
  • Sculptures of interest include a 40-foot-tall spider.
  • Fresh produce and handcrafted items are available at the weekly Sunday market.
  • The malt house, East boiler house, Tank house, and Stone distillery are historic structures.
  • Toronto's annual Christmas market, complete with hot chocolate.

During the chilly season, restaurants offering outdoor dining give lap blankets and heat lamps. To learn more: Visit Here

3. CN Tower (Canadian National)

As one of Toronto's most iconic landmarks, the CN Tower is impossible to miss near the Rogers Center in downtown Toronto. The structure dominates downtown, and you can easily see it from all sides of the city.

It was constructed between 1972 and 1976 by the Canadian National Railway Station, and its name originated from them.

The communication tower stands at 553.33 meters (1815.39 ft) and is Canada's most well-known symbol and an architectural triumph.


  • You may obtain the city's most incredible views from the Sky Pod, your view extending as far as New York State and Niagara Falls.
  • The LookOut level gives you a better view from the new glass floor, a story higher than the previous one.
  • The Edge Walk involves walking around the outer ledge at 365 meters elevation while wearing a harness and a rope if you're daring enough.
  • You can also enjoy spectacular views when dining at the 360 restaurant. CN Tower

4. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest and most visited museum in Canada, located in Toronto's Queen's Park. It has attracted so much attention since its opening in 1914 that it now receives around one million visitors every year.

The Royal Ontario Museum is where you should go to learn about culture, art, and natural history. Gemstones, religious relics, ceremonial masks, pottery, manuscripts, and other historical artifacts are also available.


  • There are 40 exhibitions and galleries with over six million items to see.
  • You will be able to see the original Romanesque Revival structure.
  • Your children will appreciate seeing dinosaur and fossil exhibits and learning about natural history.
  • Allow your children to explore and have fun at the CIBC Discovery Gallery. To learn more: Visit Here.

5. The Entertainment District

Make your way to the Entertainment District if you want to see Toronto at night. It can also be fun during the day. It was formerly an industrial neighbourhood, but entertainment spots sprung up, changing its face.

Head over to the heart of downtown Toronto, along King Street West, and visit the cinemas, shops, theaters, pubs, restaurants, and clubs for some fun and entertainment.


  • The Royal Alexandra Theater, North America's oldest and still-operating theatre, is worth visiting.
  • Visit the "Princess of Wales Theater," which has a seating capacity of 2,000 people and was named after the late Princess Diana.
  • The TIFF Bell Lighthouse, which serves as the Toronto International Film Festival headquarters, has learning studios, galleries, five movie halls, a gift store, restaurants, and a rooftop terrace are all part of the complex.

To learn more: Visit Here

6. Toronto Zoo -Largest Zoo In Canada

The Toronto Zoo includes 5,000 creatures from various collections if you wish to see some wildlife. Your children will enjoy seeing some of their favourite animals, such as giraffes, lions, tigers, polar bears, and many others.

The Toronto Zoo sits in the Rogue Valley, with its main entrance on Meadowvale Road, just north of Highway 401.


  • The Zoo has seven sections, each representing a different geographic region. Each area displays the creatures that you can find in those specific regions.
  • The conservation carousel will be a hit with your kids.
  • In their Greenhouse, you and your family can learn about various worldwide plants.
  • Consider adopting a zoo animal or volunteering at the zoo. To learn more: www.torontozoo.com


Visiting the city of Toronto is a beautiful way for you and your family to create lasting memories. Don't stay indoors when Toronto offers some of the most beautiful places to see.

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