Best Cell Phone Plans for Canadian Snowbirds

Are you a Canadian snowbird searching for the best phone plans? You haven't found a phone plan that is simple to use, reliable, affordable, and that allows you to get in touch quickly with your friends and family back home yet? Do you know any long-distance apps and calling cards that will be helpful for you during your winter stay away from home?

Don't go too far! We've listed resources to help you with your phone plans and other options for staying in touch with friends and family throughout the harsh winter season.


  • Using Canadian Mobile Phone While Traveling
  • Best Canadian Snowbird Phone Plans
  • Get a Travel Sim Card in Canada
  • Get a US Sim Card
  • Long Distance Apps and Calling Cards
  • Using Canadian Mobile Phone While Traveling

    Keeping in touch with your family is very important if you plan on spending your winters outside of Canada, particularly in the US. For Canadians, the United States usually offers the best long-distance options and international plans.

    However, roaming plans typically cost more. It's necessary to find the right US cell phone plans for international travel including Canada or Canadian cell phone plans. Otherwise, you risk being hit with expensive roaming charges, losing thousands of dollars. But the good news is that there are now so many new ways to stay in touch, and the majority of them are surprisingly cheap!

    To assist you, our snowbird experts have made the following guide to phone plans and other ways for Canadian snowbirds to stay in touch during their winter staycation. Read more about it below.

    Canadian Snowbird Phone Plan

    Today, many Canadian snowbirds are switching to US cell phone plans because they are much less expensive than those in Canada. Not only that, they have unlimited coverage options in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, so you won't have to pay more when you travel. The following are our top five picks for the best cell phone plans in the United States that offer the best international plans for Canadians:


  • Unlimited: Calls, Text, and High-Speed Data
  • Coverage: Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Plan: $75/month
  • AT&T

  • Unlimited: Calls, Text, and High-Speed Data
  • Coverage: Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Plan: $70/month
  • T-Mobile

  • Unlimited: Calls, Text, and Data <br /> <br /> <b>
  • 4G LTE Speed up to 5GB
  • Coverage: Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Plan: $70/month
  • Mint Mobile

  • Rate: $0.02/text, $0.06/min call, $0.06/MB data
  • Plan: $15/month with Usage Rates
  • Google Fi

  • Unlimited: Text
  • Rate: $0.20/min call, $10/GB data
  • Plan: $20/month with Usage Rates
  • Get a Travel Sim Card in Canada

    Instead of getting a Canadian or US cell phone plan, you can get a Travel SIM card. Using the SIM network saves money and makes communication more accessible, which is one of the SIM card's advantages. However, you need to insert your SIM card when traveling internationally, whether in the United States or elsewhere. This means you can still use your current phone with all of your apps, contacts, and saved images, but swap out the SIM card for your old one when you return to Canada.

    Before you leave, you can get a Travel SIM card in Canada. Make sure you have proof that the SIM card will operate outside of Canada. Otherwise, you may be unable to make phone calls once you leave the country.

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    Get a US Sim Card

    You can also get a SIM card once you arrive in the United States. This is an excellent alternative if you're worried about buying a SIM card that will work outside of Canada.

    To begin, you'll have to wait till you find a seller to buy your new SIM card. To use the US SIM card, you must first have your phone unlocked. If you choose this, make sure you forward your Canadian phone number to your US SIM card number, so you don't miss any calls to your Canadian phone. You may also wish to lower your Canadian cell phone plan for the winter if your carrier allows it, as you won't be using it much while you're gone.

    Long Distance Apps and Calling Cards

    If you don't like to go through the trouble of switching phone plans or paying extra for long-distance calls, there are long-distance calling cards (also called calling cards).

    Long-distance calling cards allow you to make low-cost long-distance calls using your Canadian phone plan. They are cheap and may be bought from many places, including your phone company, the internet, and even the petrol station. After buying a calling card, you must first call a toll-free number. From here, you'll enter the card's PIN as well as the phone number you're trying to reach.

    There are a lot of apps out there that provide similar purposes to prepaid phone cards and cell phone plans. You can always take advantage of communication apps to communicate with family and friends. Direct messaging and video calls are available on all social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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