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From advice on immigrating to Canada to budgeting and finance, Alvin (The Alvinator) has been a trusted source of information and education for the Filipino community worldwide. As a big thank you to all of his fans, Alvin’s partnered with Remitbee Money Transfer so that they can get 15$ when they send money to their loved ones back home. Just use the code ALVIN15 when you sign up and the credit will be applied to your account.

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We have some of the quickest transfer times available. Don’t believe us? Give Remitbee a try and track your transfer status from the app! Our Debit transfers are complete with just one hour!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remitbee is the best option to send to Phillipinnes , with high exchange rates and secure transfers within minutes! Flexible payment methods like etransfer and bill payment make sending transfers even more convenient. All transfers over 500$ are free and we offer low fees if you need to send smaller amounts.

Yes! Remitbee offers cash pick-up as well as transfers directly to your loved ones bank account.

Transfers to Phillipinnes are usually receieved in minutes! At most they are recieved within 1 business day.

Transfer limits are based on your verification level. At this time the maximum a user can send to the Philippines monthly is $50,000 CAD.

Yes, we work with all Canadian banks! You can use TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank or BMO and any other Canadian banks to pay for your transfer to the Philippines

Here are the steps to wire money to the Philippines with Remitbee. Step 1. Register and verify with Remitbee. Step 2. Select your recipient and delivery method. Step 3. Pay For your Transfer. Step 4. Wire Money to the Philippines

Send Money to Phillippines for free by using your Remitbee Wallet! Fund your wallet with EFT, etransfer or bill payment methods! All transfers over 500$ are free.